Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Contract With Black Michigan

Young people who are independent voters should take a stand in next year's state elections here in Michigan.

I will be a little more direct: young African-American votes.

Ages: 18-35

More specifically: Ages 26-35

I always ask young adults who are young, gifted and Black this question: What has the Democratic Party done for Black people in Detroit? Many cannot answer this question because they really vote the same way their uinions, churches and even parents vote. That vote is usually Democrat.

The Michigan Democratic Party (just like their counterparts the National Democratic Party under the undivine leadership of Howard Dean) is not giving African-Americans anything here in Detroit. Do you think a racist like Mark Brewer gives a damn about the State of Black People here in Detroit? In Michigan? No.

But we have groups like the NAACP and PACs like the Fannie Lou Hamer, Black Slate, Eastside Slate, Community Coalition, UAW, 13th and 14th Congressional Slates telling you to vote Democratic because the Democrats care about the welfare of Black people. Normally, these groups are led by left-wing liberals who are broke, uneducated and don't give a two-cent damn about Black people in general.

Young people are confused in this city and that is the reason why they re-elected the hip-hop mayor back in office. Yet, they want change in the city.

Even many of my young peers are not educated on issues that are facing our region.

If we were to bring the "Contract With Black America" home to our young people many would agree on the following below:

(1)Marriage: Focus on prohibiting same-sex marriage.

How many times have we seen Black women on television raising hell about how they caught their man on the Down-Low after 8 years of marriage. Terry McMillian any one? What about the DL episode on Law and Order: SVU? It is a known fact that the Black family is almost non-existent. Even Sheryl Swoopes disappointed me coming out saying she was lesbian. She gave up on Black men.

• Wealth creation: Private Social Security investment accounts and encouraging homeownership.

What young person with a degree (or two degrees) do not believe in homeownership? Land is the basis of power and equity is the key to freedom. Too many of us rent and not own. Under President Bush we have seen a record number of Black people owning homes with record low mortgage rates. What young person do not believe in investing in stocks and mutual funds?

• Education: School vouchers, charter schools and boosting black enrollment in higher education.

It is a known fact that young people who started teaching in charter schools will be promoted to running the school in his/her own fashion faster than waiting in line to be promoted in a traditional school setting. No unions means faster promotion. What young person would not support educational options? A young person who mind has been brainwashed by the Democrats and teacher unions.

• Prison reform: Including a "Second Chance Act," reentry programs and laws restoring the rights of felons.

There are two things in the average Black family: a drug fiend and a felon. What young person (especially Black man) would be against this? Why are Democrats against an idea that would help clean up the Black man if they are trying ti help us?

Is prison a business? Yes. Have African-Americans ever tried to tap into the prison business to help our own? No.

• Africa: Intervention in Sudan and penalties against corporations that explore for oil in the region.

This is self-explainatory. Democrats belittle President Bush on his efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. When Bill Clinton was president he allowed 800,000 Rwandians (Africans) to die on HIS watch and yet we still vote for a party that has a history of lynching African people in this country? Not only Clinton did nothing to stop the slaughter in Rwanda but SENT "peacekeeping" troops to help WHITE Muslims in Bosnia.

• Healthcare overhaul: Including programs to cover the poor.

We have been saying this since day one people.

To tell you the truth many ministers and bishops in Detroit are closet Republicans. They are part of us.

In 2006 vote Republican young people.

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