Saturday, November 19, 2005

Democratic Values

Recently, I ran across a website entitled "Democrats For Values" and to me it look like a cross between the socialist party and the unions. I am going to conentrate on two items they have under "issues."


"We believe all children deserve a quality education that should not be determined by what area of the community you live. We also believe value based education should be promoted in a safe learning environment. We believe that schools should be more accountable for the standard of education they provide."

I would believe this if the unions did not coach them what to say. Anyone that knows me know I am huge on educational options and I would not have it any other way. It kills me how these teacher unions in this country claims if the "government" pours in more money into the school system it schools will get better. This is no more than an 20th century, archaic and chaotic way of thinking.

(2)Gay Marriage

"We believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. We also accept homosexuality is not a choice, and that civil unions should be protected on a federal level."

This is why I will be voting, supporting and pushing Bishop Keith Butler for US Senate here in Michigan next year to defeat that traitor Sen. Stabenow. This is more hypocritical than education. In one sentence they say 'we believe in the sancity of marriage between a man and woman' then turn around and say 'civil unions should be protected on a federal level.' Sound like jaw-jacking to me.

This is how I know the Democratic Party is taking advantage of Black people. It is a known fact that the Black family in this country has been decimated. We have more sisters raising BOYS, going to school, working two jobs and just trying to keep what is left of a family together. Not to mention the fact that families with TWO parents (both male and female) in the home, with a strong belief in God, and have created a stable environment for their child(ren) will go far in life and their child(ren) will go far in life.

This thing about gays fighting for rights and comparing it to the civil rights movement is a direct insult to those who were hung, raped, tar and feathered and denied because of the color of their skin and not the content of their character.

Brothers and Sisters the reality is the Democratic Party has ran out of gas and has ran out of time with African-Americans. It's time to make that quantum leap and head home to the Party of Lincoln.

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