Saturday, November 19, 2005

Educational Options Is A Must!!!

I'm going to keep it real with you. I am for the Contract with Black America on Moral Values.

I'll tell you why.

African-Americans want change. I live in Detroit, MI, a city where education has failed our children on many (if not all) levels. Every poll that I have witnessed showed that most blacks want school vouchers. many have their children on witing lists to get inside charter schools. Many homeschool their children. However, the Democrats -- black and white alike -- oppose anything that would offend the teachers' unions, who are among their biggest political backers, in terms of money, votes, and the ability to mobilize precincts on Election Day with manpower and phone banks.

To break it down further teachers' unions are the reason why we are at war on this education issue here in Michigan. The Mafia of the Democratic Party. Democrats cannot match what the Republicans can offer black parents school choice. But someone has to bring out that fact -- and a Contract with Black America would be one of the best ways of publicizing and dramatizing this difference between the parties.

Right now there is a need for school discipline and school safety in our public schools. The Democrats have no backup plan to this very important stigma that are affecting our children nationwide. We have liberal judges appointed or voted in by Democrats who have created so many "rights" for disruptive students that a few classroom clowns and hoodlums are able in many cases to destroy any hope of educating the rest of the students.

The purpose of educational options is empowerment. I mean, how many liberals who call themselves "Black Nationalists" and "are for the people" continue to send their children to corrupt, chaotic traditional public schools? How many "Black Nationalists" do we have on the school boards who got there because of "community involvement" and not qualifications? They are the biggest hypocrites in our community.

Then you have some "Black Nationalists" who have embraced self-empowerment by way of charter schools BUT have poor management skills and therefore cannot even stay open or have to borrow money from other sources because they have ran out of money themselves. You see you have to possess a degree of business savy and educational leadership to self-empower our children in a charter school setting. Just because you're pro-black and can speak Swahili does not qualify you to open a school.

Educational options must be in the forefront of this movement in Michigan if we are to change the educational culture here.


Matthew said...

I can't get a sense of your political persuasion, but I can tell you don't like dems. Neither do I. I am a proud black republican.

However, education is not a political issue. Political parties haven't failed Detroit's children and neither has the managers of DPS. The parents have failed their own children.

Sure, Detroit is a terribly under-resourced school district, but there are plenty DPS graduates, like me, who go on to college. The question is, why aren't the others excelling. This answer is simple: what are their parents doing with their lives?

The vast majority of Detroit lives on low-income status. The parents have little-to-no education due to bad choices they've made along the way and they have very little to teach their child. This is an important issue to acknowledge, as this marks the difference between a uraban and suburban school system.

In suburban schools, where the sons of highly-paid professionals attend school, parents are always in the teacher's faces, asking what they need to do to help their children. These parents understand the importance of a quality education--they have one.

In urban schools, where parents aren't involved and rarely even show up to parent-teacher conferences, parent turn to teachers to be in control of their child's education. This makes for chaos. No one person can be in charge of 100+ children's educations. That's too big of a burden to place on teachers. The teachers can't follow students home to make sure homework is done. This is the parent's, usually unmet, responsibitliy.

Some of you may have seen the ABC documetnary in January, where a mother was "fed up" with the school system in Baltimore because it allowed her 18 yo son to graduate and he couldn't read. You should have seen her. She demanded meetings with techers, the principal, and counselors. She even demanded that the school hire an outside contractor to tutor her child. My question: where the hell has she been the last 18 years? How is it possible not to notice that your child can't read. This is a prime example of the situation for many urban kids.

Secondly, in addition to poor parenting, some kids, regardless of how well they are raised, make poor decisions that destroy their lives. Some of these decisions have to do with poor parenting though: selling drugs. Would young black men need to sell drugs if their parents provided for them? Other poor decisions include getting pregnant, dropping out, fighting to the point where they are kicked out, and gang activity.

It's very simple to blame the leaders of DPS for the failure of DPS. However, a cloase analysis of the situation allows us to see that students and parents sre to blame also.

Matthew said...