Monday, January 30, 2006

Coming Out The Closet by Akindele Akinyemi

This is dedicated to all of my hardcore Black Nationalists who claim Black Power, Liberation and Unity.

I grew up on Detroit's Northwest side.

As a child I remember my grandmother cussing at the television at the late Mayor Coleman A. Young. I was into television sitcoms like the Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider. My grandmother, on the other hand, was always into the news.

I was raised on news. Beverly Payne, Kathy Adams, Doris Biscoe, Carmen Harlem, Mort
Crim, Bill Bonds, and even Kelly & Company. My grandmother would turn to Good Morning
America every morning to watch David Hartman and Joan Lunden. Along with my curiosity of
reading encyclopedias and almanacs growing up I was always in tune with world issues around
me. My geography was uncanny because I could read a map better than many adults. My
grandfather for a long time called me the "mapman" because of my explicit knowledge of maps.
I never understood politics in depth until now.

God is a great God.

He took me for the past 25 years to prepare me for this incredible journey. I have studied 72 religions. I have studied Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Noble Drew Ail, and Albert Cleage Jr. I have studied economics, history, mathematics and science. I have studied with many groups like the Sunni Muslims, Shiite Muslims, Nation of Gods and Earths, Nation of Islam, Nubian Islamic Hebrews (Nuwaubu) and even the Masons and Shriners.

I have studied and been with die-hard Black Nationalists, organizations like ASCAC, Hebrew Israelites, and many, many denominations of Christianity.

I have been political since high school. I can remember in 1990 (at the peak of my
militancy) where I felt that whites should be removed off the face of the Earth for the treatment of Rodney King. I fought against police brutality, inferior education and racism. My political base came from conscious hip-hop and conscious music videos. We recited the lyrics of Public Enemy, KRS-One, X-Clan, Brand Nubian and even Intelligent Hoodlum. We were wearing black medallions, locking and cutting our hair and calling Black women .sisters.. We studied languages like Kiswahili, Arabic, Hebrew, and Medu Neter.

I have studied Egyptology, Astrology and Cosmology. In my honest opinion I am a wellrounded
person. I have touched almost every race on Earth.

Politically, I was raised a Democrat. I (as well as many other black people in my home) hated Reagan and Ol' man Bush and loved people like Bill Clinton and Coleman Young. I considered people like Dennis Archer (former Mayor of Detroit) a sell out and was supporting people like Sharon McPhail because she was down for the people.

The same for Councilman Kwame Kenyatta, Alonzo Bates, Minister Malik Shabazz and many other grassroots activists.

I supported this notion because I felt that we were going to change the environment in which we lived in. Pro-black and anti-white. I supported unions, gay marriage and reparations. I supported big government. I supported hip-hop.

I was also in my late teens and 20s.

I was not taking education seriously. I was not taking my marriage seriously either. I was
not taking care of myself.

You see something happened to me. Reality settled in for me. I fell behind academically.

I got divorced. I became overweight. I lost focus on what was really going on. I got hooked on
Democrat values and politics.

I was part of the Black Slate (I still am on another level). I bought into their politics and values. I was even considered for a long time the heir to the throne of the Slate. I supported ignorant candidates like my colleagues.

I fell into the group process trap.

I had to reflect on what was going on. By the time I had turned 30 years old I was ready
to make a change.

For years I wondered why it was taboo to talk conservative in our community. I was
taught that supporting any Republican you were considered a sellout. I begin to study harder on conservatism, the history of Black Republicans and Booker T. Washington. I was amazed on
what I saw. The killing thing was I have never heard of any of these things about Black Conservatism in college.

I begin to study the history of the Democratic Party and saw how racist it was. I reviewed
their values. I viewed my values and saw it was more aligned with the Republicans.

For years I was an independent voter. Then I realize that independent voters are people
who wait on the fence to see what is going to happen with the issues.

Therefore, I decided to become Republican. I am a different type of Republican. I am not passive on anything unlike Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and JC Watts. I am radical in my ideas and my views.

Condoloeeza Rice to me is not passive. She is aggressive but intelligent about what she does to help the security for all Americans.

I have never been a registered Democrat. I was just going along the ride because I saw
what other Black Nationalists were doing. I have less respect for the Democratic Party because
they elected Howard Dean to be the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. The other
reason why I am a Republican is because of the political imbalance of Detroit and its surrounding
areas. Black people embraced the Democratic way of living so much that it has put us in a hole. I
strongly feel that political representation on both sides will help create balance in Metro Detroit.

More importantly, I saw how Black people in Detroit gave the current Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick
another term in 2005. I realized that we were trapped in a race war with ourselves. I chose to be free.

I am free.

I saw how the Black Nationalists, socialists and other liberal blacks would dog a brother like Bishop Keith Butler and Dr. Creflo Dollar. What I realized was that successful black men are always viewed as not part of the struggle. I love to see black men and women succeed. But Black Nationalists cry about unity and then rape you blind with a whole lot of jargon.

The average Black Nationalist is hypocritical anyway.

I am free.

I strongly believe in spiritual and mental prosperity. It will eventually lead you to financial prosperity.

I am the executive director of One Detroit. One Detroit is a movement. It is not just a network but also a movement. It is geared toward those young professionals who are seeking empowerment and change. I want young, professional people to step out on faith and not have to live in the closet with their political viewpoints because they fear of being killed or harassed.

I love sisters like Zhe Clampitt (who runs the Redford Township Republicans) for her boldness and in-your-face attitude. I love sisters like Carmen Hodge, who is faced with enormous odds as the African American Outreach Coordinator of the Michigan Republican Party. Her strong faith in God has carried her over.

I love sisters like Tara J. Wall in DC who has no fear in telling the truth.

The point is we need to preach on black empowerment. Leave the 60s behind and build on a new reality. No longer we will hide in the closets. We are a new generation of African people.

We do not tolerate gay marriage, abortions or poverty. We accept educational options, marriage between man and woman and life.

It is a new day in Detroit and One Detroit will lead the way to victory.


FreeMan said...

Dear Mr. Akinyemi - I liked your biography However your conclusions are not based on logic.
President Clinton, a Democrat, apologized for the U.S. Government's infecting Afrikans with Syphilis and not treating Afrikans in the Tuskegee Experiments. I grew up on a racist show too - "Kimba the White Lion" - like The Dukes of Hazard with the racist Confederate Flag - "Kimba" is a racist pun of Kenya's Simba Freedom fighters that defeated the British Imperialists!
Yes it is true that Democrats up until 1960 with Kennedy were racist. Yet from 1960 until the present Democrats' Presidents support Afrikan rights more than Republicans -
1965 - Afrikans in the South gained the ability to vote & Southern European-American Democrats changed to the Republican Party -
Pro-Afrikan does not mean anti-White!
It is American - that the majority should rule - there is nothing wrong with that - Afrikans in Detroit are the majority - they should benefit as the majority -
Booker T. Washington was a sell out - do you remember the Atlanta Exposition Speech - "In everything economic we are joined as 1 hand - (Subtext with European-American leadership & Afrikan menial Labor) Yet with everything social & political we are separate as the fingers."
After the 1877 removal of federal troops from the South after the Civil War, Afrikan legislators were physically removed from the legislature in the State & federal levels -
Booker T. Washington was a sell out because Dr. W.E.B. Dubois called for full political Afrikan participation consistent with the U.S. Constitution's 15th Amendment Right to Vote 1870
Booker T. Washington's failure to fight for political rights helped keep Afrikans as second class citizens until the 1965 Voting Rights Act -
I dog Bishop Butler because he does not serve the Lord God of the Holy Bible 1st & Foremost -
Do you define success as individual goals over what Affects Afrikans as a people?
If you define success as individual goals over what affects Afrikans as a people - then European-Americans will use you to destroy Afrikans.
If you joined the Republicans because they claim to serve the Christian God - then you are deceived because the
Republicans by their deeds prove that they do not want to treat all people as brothers & sisters - Republicans kill & steal -
If you are concerned about abortions form a support group in your church to provide $ - babysitting & jobs to young women who don't have family & economic support -
As a political leader - a servant of the people - One swears or affirms to do what is best for the people respecting their wishes - Detroit has many religions - Government ledaers can not rule all people fairly by only following 1 religion -
Government leaders should rule to benefit the majority in a way that respects their beliefs -
If you follow Republicans - they have a record from 1965 - Present of Genocide against Afrikans - The Bible says "Eat the Whole roll" Ezekiel 3:1 - 3 -
I realized that militants did not like to work in the Church - but militants LOVE SOCIAL JUSTICE WHICH IS THE CORE MINISTRY OF CHRIST !
You can be more effective with militants than Racist & Poorhating Republicans to benefit all people -

Akindele Akinyemi said...

You call yourself a freeman but act like a slave.

1. You said President Clinton apologized for the US goverment infecting Afrikans with syphilis.

Does it matter about who apologizes? Here is a man who firmly belives in gay marriage and abortion. These two acts of insanity has decimated the Black community by 70%.

You say the Democrats up until 1960 were racist.

Senator Robert Byrd is a former Grand Kleage of the KKK and he is represented by the people of West Virginia.

1965-This is true but however there are many southern white democrats who are still democrat and racist..i.e Zell Miller of Georgia.

I never denounced being pro-afrikan. I deonounce the fact that every damn body in detroit is a democrat.

Booker T was a sell-out? Can you define this a little better?

WEB Dubois hated Marcus Garvey by calling him a big black monkey. He co-founded the NAACP in 1909 and bragged about his "talented tenth". Later, he embraced socialism and moved to Ghana where he died in 1963.

I don't hate or dislike EITHER brother for they did what they felt was right.

You cn ddog Bishop Butler all you want but how many "black nationalists" can duplicate what he has done?

And as far as "individual success" yes I believe in individual success. I will not make any regrets about it.

Individual success eventually will lead to communal success.

I joined the Republican party because of my values. Something you do not understand.

You said:

"If you are concerned about abortions form a support group in your church to provide $ - babysitting & jobs to young women who don't have family & economic support"-

You see that's the problem. My church SUPPORTS pro-choice and they will NOT do no such thing.

You said:

"If you follow Republicans - they have a record from 1965 - Present of Genocide against Afrikans"


You said:

You can be more effective with militants than Racist & Poorhating Republicans to benefit all people"

Apparantly you do not understand my position as a Republican NOR you read my biography in-full.

I am a republican because I am Pro-Black and Pro-Life.

I am a Republican because I am no longer a slave to a political party that takes us for granted.

This does not mean that the Republicans are all roses because they are not. They too can be full of shit and I am the first to say so.

As far as your Afrikan people tirade..I have been there and done that. I used to have a radio show on WHPR. I heard the bullshit from the "grassroots community." All talk no action.

Young people today are into BLACK empowerment. We are not stuck in 1960 like you. We appreciate you giving us history lessons but what are we doing with that now?

FreeMan said...

Democrats unlike Republicans attempt to address racial genocide directly against Afrikans by the U.S. Government - that is the point - Biological Warfare is direct action -
homosexuality & Abortion are individual choices - it is not the same thing -
As I said Booker T. Washington was a sell out because he justified Afrikans not asserting their political rights & helped provide an environment where Afrikans could not vote -
Yes Dr. Dubois did call the Honorable Marcus Garvey a racist term - but after the U.S. tried him as spy - he realized his previous errors.
Individual success will lead to communal success - HA HA HA - Sounds like trickle down economics - that never trickles down HA HA HA -
The point is which party is better against Direct Racial Genocide against Afrikans - Republicans or Democrats -
OK - what did you try to acccomplish as a militant -?
Why did you allow people to disrail you?
Did you know that the FBI in its COINTELPRO Program started violent conflicts with the United Slaves & the Black Panthers to prevent Afrikan Progress - Do you think it stopped?
I believe that you could accomplish something alone as a militant if you are sincere - I know what God has done through me -
I am not stuck in the 60's - Afrikans can not prosper in America to collectively benefit their people unless they understand the unchanged structure of American society -
Why follow a party that has a continuous history of direct racial genocide against Afrikans since at least 1965?
Come Back to Your Afrikan People as a Collective Militant Warrior against Organized Racial Genocide Against Afrikans!

Akindele Akinyemi said...

i will come back (as you say) when I can find some intelligent "AFrikans" who can stop quoting Malclom and think on their own.

By the way...if Blacks should be democrats then why do they have a 63% disapproval rating?

Granholm has not created jobs.

Homosexuality and abortion have decimated the Black community. Even a teenager can see that.

what did I accomplish has a militant? Nothing. I was pissed off and broke at the world on a regular basis. Can't get a woman being militant!!!!

You haven't disrailed me..I just keep getting stronger unlike you set in your ways? How old are you?

Afrikans will NOT change in the socialist midset you have. Hispanics have passed us up NOT just in population but socio-political power as well. The understand political balance. we don't.

I bet you love Kwame Kilpatrick and your detroit city council.

The republicans have a genocide program against afrikans since 1965? here's agood one for you my Afrikan brother..where was the massive protest from AFRIKANS in AMMERIKKKA when president Clinton, your homeboy, sat on his white ass and did nothing against the GEnocide OF 800,000 Rwandians??????

He promoted homosexuality.

He promoted genocide against blacks by promoting his welfarre reform.

he even nominated a democratic supreme court justice named ruth bader ginsberg....who supports sexual consent at the age of 12.

Jocelyn Elders, a blackwoman that Clinton supported as the Surgeon General, stated that homosexual sex is healthy.

DUHHHH......that sounds like genocide and these are democrats.

Did you watch the today show this morning? See how dumb John Kerry sounded?

A Democrat.

Like I said, stuck in time. I bet you support all these liberal ideas because you practice them.

You like kwame kilpatrick because he was screwing around on his would probably do the same.

I bet you believe in polygamy. You would rather have more than one woman.

I bet you believe in the revolution by shooting at the "pigs".


I become suspect when someone on this blog tries to super-impose their liberal ideas.

I am not a liberal and choose not to be on ever.

Nor is 70% of black people in this country.

Even yourself is really NOT a have conservative ideas.


Anonymous said...

You make some excellent points and some stupid points also... black people and black leadership is wedded to the democratic party, but you fail to realize that the republican party is just as much wedded to white supremacy as the democratic party..we are still on the political plantation as pawns

akindele akinyemi said...

what's stupid is the fact that black people do not understand or know the history of the republican party.

its interesting that liberals delete this part of history (our history) from the books.

What's stupid is the fact that as long as YOU allow yourself to be on a "political" plantation that where you will be!!!!

Rob ST. said...

The name "Sell out" is what brothers are using as a means of controlling other blacks to keep them in the herd. The same people who throw that word around are the same ones who lack so much character that they will "snitch" on another brother to save their own necks. Our people need a lesson on courage and what that word really means. Courage is not staying in the herd like a sheep. Courage is what Dr. Martin Luther King did. Even though other blacks and whites thought he was foolish. It is doing what you think is right, no matter what it might cost you. And knowing that it will cost you. I stand with the Republicans because I hate my tax dollars going towards abortion or the gay agenda, but I believe Republicans are morally deficient too. Their policies favor the advantaged groups in this country too much and hurt the little people. But the former situation is worse. If the Republicans stand with abortionists and the gay agenda then I wont vote for either one. I will have to find another party.