Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Destruction Of Educating Black Children by the National Democratic Party and the NEA by Akindele Akinyemi

It is a known fact why the National Democratic Party and the Michigan Democratic Party opposes the expansion of educational choice in Michigan is because of their daddy”, the National Education Association. The NEA has a son” called the Michigan Education Association, a brother” called the American Federation of Teachers, and several “grandsons”, one known as the Detroit Federation of Teachers. They form what is known as a “Holy Quadity” (not Holy Trinity) in the education union movement. All of these unions (as well as the civil rights organizations) oppose children receiving the proper education they need to compete in a 21st century world. The Democratic Party in the State of Michigan, along with Governor Jennifer Granholm, do not want African Americans to empower themselves through educational choice. However, if the Northville Public Schools or Plymouth-Canton Public schools were failing where her children went to school previously before moving to Lansing Gov. Granholm would embrace educational options fully. The teacher unions are prostituting her. Furthermore, Governor Granholm’s opponent in this year’s gubernatorial election, Dick DeVos, a Republican who supports educational choice without question.

What parents do not know is the behind the scenes work that go into squashing educational choice in urban areas like Detroit. Many African Americans do not even know the agenda of the National Education Association, the largest teachers union in the U.S. with more than 2.7 million members. The NEA’s politics have become more and more left wing, especially over the past 20-25 years. Through so-called diversity training classes, teachers are emboldened to introduce new definitions of “family” and sexuality to young children; religious and cultural traditions and holidays are being replaced by worship of “the earth,” and the “3 R’s” are taking a backseat to an aggressive “progressive” agenda that is more indoctrination than education – e.g., anti-Bush protests, gun control legislation, gay rights, hate crimes legislation, and abortion on demand. While the NEA does not directly make school policy, they do create curricula that school boards adopt. Furthermore, local union affiliates spend millions through their political action arm to get “their” people elected to school boards.

For any politician who commits the sin of challenging the teachers union will be put to “political death.” The NEA and its son, the Michigan Educational Association, have committed millions of dollars to oppose educational options in the State of Michigan as well as attempts to implement much-needed reforms in education and to limit spending increases in a state swimming in red ink.

The reality is as long as the Democratic Party continues to shun educational choice in the State of Michigan they will continue to receive the benefits of the teacher unions. The truth is if teacher unions stopped giving to the Democratic Party the party would cease to exist.

What is more interesting is that the Michigan Democratic Party claims that the Michigan Republican Party is racist. While some people in the Michigan Republican Party is overtly racist the MDP do not have a clue or a concrete platform on how to educate urban children in Michigan. They have no plan, no agenda and no drive to save urban children who caught in a concrete jungle. Yet, they want our vote every election cycle (like this year’s gubernatorial election). Unfortunately, Black people will vote Democrat out of ignorance and fear.

What is racist about the MDP is the fact that they have no desire to save our children (especially Black children). The unions and the functionally illerate continue to say we need to pour more money into the inner city schools. I oppose this because I have seen first hand what more money can do to the inner city schools. They never make it to the classroom. The Detroit Public Schools are in a deficit because it is extremely top heavy in terms of people making six digit figures. Not because charter schools are taking away business. The other reason why DPS is in a deficit is because families have moved out of the City of Detroit seeking better opportunities and better school districts. In other words, young African American families do not waste any time on waiting for Detroit Public Schools to fix itself. Furthermore, young African American families cannot continue to let big government dictate the way money and education is handled in our schools.

Young African American families must begin to support candidates who support educational choice. People like Dr. Carla Scott (who was recently elected to the Detroit School Board), U.S. Senate candidate Bishop Keith A. Butler and Gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos supports educational choices for our children. If you plan on voting this year support these people by addressing your concerns and working on their behalf so African Americans can have educational empowerment in our communities.

Lastly, to create an academic revolution in the inner cities means we need to set aside our own programs and agendas to help our children. Organizations like the Detroit Parent Network are excellent tools to enhancing our children’s needs in the field of academia. There is no excuse for our children not receiving a college education and completing 4-5 years and moving on to an advanced degree. There is no excuse for black men not graduating from college in record numbers. African Americans cannot continue to play the victim card and poverty card on why our children are not educated. This is what the Democratic Party has done to our educational community, made it obsolete. As long as we rely on the Democrats to save African Americans in the field of education we will continue to go down the drain academically, morally and economically.


NEA_HATER said...

Thank You for writing the truth about the NEA. Hopefully, people will come to realize that pushing the "Democrat" button does not equate to a good education. I don't know how some of the NEA members can sleep at night. Keep up the great work!

Rob St. said...

I agree and it saddens me how blind we are as a people. The Democratic party has warped MLK's vision. And I hate all this victim's mentality. My great grandfather and grandfather have a right to claim to be victims. But my father didn't claim to be a victim. He paid attention to his education, worked hard and became an educator himself. He is still teaching in his old age. This generation of my people needs to study and work hard and work together. Instead we get blaming "the man" for our failures. We get weak curriculums in these inner city schools and we cant compete with the Asians. We fall further and further behind. Glorifying the worse things in our culture. Detroit public schools were hurting 25 years ago when I was attending them. I only remmember two teachers that really taught me the basics. I cant imagine how bad things have gotten now when you need metal detectors and police in the halls.

FreeMan said...

Black Conservative - The Republicans with their "No Child Left Behind Act " Unfunded & Labeling Afrikans as Failures from failing Schools is destroying the opportunity for Free traditional public schools

Akindele Akinyemi said...

freeman said :

The Republicans with their "No Child Left Behind Act " Unfunded & Labeling Afrikans as Failures from failing Schools is destroying the opportunity for Free traditional public schools

If he can prove this I will go along with it.