Wednesday, February 22, 2006

DeVos and Butler and One Detroit on Global Education by Akindele Akinyemi

Why should any sane, intelligent African American who lives in the city of Detroit should vote for Dick DeVos for Governor in 2006 or Keith Butler for US Senate in 2006?

One major reason is his stance on education.

I will go deeper for those who might not understand.

It is a tragedy to send your child to the Detroit Public Schools or any charter school that is warehousing your child. The key here is globalization. It's not about Detroit anymore. In fact, political power is slowly shifting away from Detroit and into West Michigan.

Our children must be able to compete globally. Read the following stats and figure out for yourself if your child is receiving a gloabl education.

1. Were you surprised several years ago when the international 'Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)' reported, : "the effectiveness of the U.S. primary and secondary education system can be characterized as mediocre at best."

2. Were you surprised in June 2004 when Achieve, Inc., a bipartisan, nonprofit education organization formed by governors and prominent business leaders, found that math and English tests for high school diplomas require only middle school knowledge, and that those math graduation tests measure only what students in other countries learn in the seventh grade?

3. Were you surprised last year when 200 mathematicians and scientists, including four Nobel Prize recipients and two winners of a prestigious math prize, the Fields Medal, deplored the Dept. of Education for math teaching methods, saying they are 'horrifyingly short on basics'.

4. Were you surprised to learn that despite smaller class sizes quality has not improved, yet foreign schools of larger class size score higher?

5. Were you surprised on January 22, 1999 when the 'The Economist' (pg. 55) reported more than 40% of American 10-year-olds cannot pass a basic reading test, and as many as 42 million adults are functionally illiterate. And, the January 29, 1999 edition reported over 40,000 Texas nine to ten year-olds failed the states standardized test, yet 90% were promoted anyway.

6. Were you surprised in February 2005 to read that China produced 4 times more BS engineering degrees than the U.S., and Japan twice as many. Nobel Prize-winning scientist R.E.Smalley of Rice University reported "by 2010, 90% of all Ph.D. physical scientists and engineers in the world will be Asian living in Asia." The International Math & Science Study reported U.S. 12th graders were out-performed by 90% of other nations in math and 76% in science. In advanced math the US was out performed by 94% and in science by 100% of other nations. The American Association for the Advancement of Science reported 90% of math books and 100% of science text books are unacceptable. Additionally, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reported 85% of 12th grade students were not proficient in math and science. (Imprimis, Feb. 2005, page 2) .

7. Were you surprised in September 2004 with the Thomas B. Fordham Institute finding that "more than 25% of public school teachers send their own children to private school," and in some areas the ratio is higher than 40%? (

8. The poll, taken by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a black think tank in Washington, reports 57% of blacks, 65% of Hispanics, and 48% of whites support publicly funded tuition vouchers to pay for private education. This is something DeVos supports as well as One Detroit.

Our children cannot compete on a global level. Not under this slave Democratic system.

A 2005 US News & World Report study showed that students in Japan, Germany & France:
spend 100% more hours studying math, science and history than U.S. students.

Not only do more foreign students take advanced exams, but the same data shows:
their passing rate is 8 times higher than U.S. (33% vs. 4%).

A foreign school of 1,000 students produces 165 advanced exam graduates vs. only 3 advanced graduates in the same size U.S. school. This equates to foreign schools having a success rate 57 times higher than U.S. schools for advanced examinations.

Shouldn't our system demand a higher level of advanced graduates, including math & science scores, than all other nations? Does the school system report to parents how each of their children is performing compared to foreign students of the same age? NO!! Why not?? If parents knew they would demand major changes.

Shouldn't every single school board annually demand that each of their students take math & science (and also in history & geography) exams of the same type given to the same age group by such nations as Germany & Japan, for example, and communicate the findings to each student and his/her parents? Parents should demand said results or seek alternative schools.
Industry has learned long ago that it must regularly test its products vs. that of its foreign & domestic competitors. Should we require less of our public schools because we expect our young generation will face less international competition than prior generations?

U.S. spending per student is between 50% higher and 2-3 times higher than these nations despite fewer class days than others, yet our comparative test scores in math & science are lower.

2004 - China emerging technical power. China "is likely to become a major center of global technological innovation, as it joins Japan as a scientific and technological power. The United States graduates about 60,000 engineers each year; Japan 70,000. China is now graduating about 325,000 engineers annually." Ambassador C.W.Freeman, Jr. April 23, 2004

The point of all this is that as long as we elect "Democratic" State Representatives, "Democratic" State Senators, "Democratic" Governors, "Democratic" City Councils, "Democratic" Mayors and "Democratic" Delegates we will never save our children. Why? Because all of these people are pimped and courted by teacher unions to keep big government schools afloat.

There is no way in hell Black children from Detroit as a whole can compete with China or Japan. In fact, they cannot even compete with children from Africa. So how come the Black Nationalists and race pimps have not addresed this critical effort to educate our children globally? Because they too are pimped and prostituted by the same Democratic party that is trying to close the Detroit Zoo, the same party that has always blocked educational options and the same party that has always supported teacher unions to destroy education.

The U.S. spends more per student than any other G-7 nation, yet in 2005 our 13-year-olds came in last on science and math achievement tests given to virtually all students in those countries.

You can continue supporting these Democratic representatives and Granholm to keep Black people in hell or you can do like me and vote for Dick DeVos for Governor and Keith Butler for U.S. Senate.


FreeMan said...

Afrikan students need Afrocentric
Education to be able to have the mind to compete against the World - Devos & Bishop Butler would never approve Afrocentric Education for Afrikans

akindele akinyemi said...

Afrocentric education cannot even compete against Africa my friend. While we are on this kick on afrocentric education people in africa are learning two-three languages, undestanding globalization.

they do not do this here in detroit..i used to teach in an afrocentric school.

FreeMan said...

Afrikans need AfroCentric Education to build self esteem to be able to compete - European Supremacy makes Afrikans feel that the only legitimate fields for Afrikans are Sports & Singing

akindele akinyemi said...

i can agree with that. however, i feel that most afrikan centered schools place more emphasis on race and not academics. It should be balanced.