Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hannity Points Out the Hypocrisy of Joseph Lowery

Today the “reverend” Joseph Lowery was on Hannity’s radio show again. Today Hannity pointed out how Lowery is a big hypocrite. Hannity asked Mr. Lowery why he did not point out any of the Civil and Human Rights failings of the Clinton administration during Coretta Scott King’s funeral. In Rwanda almost 1 million Blacks were killed and Bill Clinton did nothing to try and stop the killing. Clinton was at the funeral just like Bush and Lowery said nothing. Of course Lowery tried to obfuscate and make it seem like military force should not be used for such actions.

But just last year Mr. Lowery sung a totally different tune!

CNN Live Saturday Transcript from September 3, 2005 (emphasis added)

…HARRIS: I need your perspective on this, we don’t want to shy away from the question of race, here at CNN, but we want context and perspective. A lot of folks are asking if the face of this tragedy had been more white than black might the response have been different? Take it in whatever direction you’d like to.

LOWERY: Well, it’s not a simple issue and there’s another demon other than race, I don’t think anybody can deny that race was a factor, but class was also a factor. Look at the difference between how we rushed to the towers, our symbol of wealth and power, and to the levee, a symbol of poverty and hard-working people. So that in this country, we’ve got to deal with the demons of race and class. It’s interesting that the Commerce Department issues this report on poverty in this country at the same time Katrina came, and poverty is increasing in the country, and we are not as concerned about it. Look at our difference in our response to Rwanda and Iraq. One has oil, the other has no oil so that we have to deal with the issue of class and race, and we must address the issue of poverty in this country, or we’re going to see a lot more disasters akin to what’s happening in Louisiana, Mississippi.…

When speaking with CNN he had no problem calling out the failings of the Clinton administration. President Bush took action to make changes in Iraq, while Clinton did less to engage enemies and help people being abused. Clinton’s efforts in Kosovo pale in comparison with the number killed by Saddam, or the genocide in Rwanda.

Also during today’s interview with Hannity, Mr. Lowery claimed that Iraq’s missiles could not reach Israel. This is far from the truth. Even during Coretta Scott King’s funeral, it was mentioned that SHE worked to stop Iraq from continually firing scuds into Israel!

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FreeMan said...

Reverend Lowery deserves some respect as a Man of God - He tells more truth about the Oil Wars than Bishop T.D. Jakes or Bishop Keith Butler (Mr. Bush Supporters Afrikan Christian Preachers)
President Clinton has done more to support Afrikans than Mr. Bush. It is true that Clinton failed in Rwanda but no U.S. leader has ever put sufficient troops on the ground to help Afrikans - (Sudan)?
President Bush I refused to assist the Muslims that were being raped & killed in the former Yugoslavia - President Clinton went there to protect life NOT OIL -
Mr. Bush I supported Mr. Saddam Hussein in his efforts to rule Iraq -
God will teach you about disrespecting His Servants -
Mrs. Coretta Scott King was against WAR! & many Jews assisted her & her husband in the Peace & Nonviolent Human Rights Movement!