Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mugabe Continues Effort to Expel All Whites by by IndependentConservative

With his nation facing inflation at 613.2 percent and in desperate need of food. One would think that Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe would be focused on getting his people food. Of course before Mugabe broke a land reform deal setup with the British and the USA his people were eating pretty well. Land was being converted from some Whites as they would get compensation. It was not going fast enough for Mugabe, so he decided to remove Whites via force. This even went against Constitutional reforms he backed that failed at the polls back then. The majority Black population in Zimbabwe had voted that they did not want to see land reform via force. Since removing many of the people who knew how to run the farms, people in Zimbabwe have been starving. Some of Mugabe’s cronies got much of the land in his reform by force efforts. And Mugabe has ensured that his cronies were getting food while members of the political opposition were starved.

Some years back, Atlanta Civil Rights ACTORvist Joe Beasley was once asked about Mugabe’s deeds by reporter Robert Redding. Joe Beasley said he supported Mugabe “100%”. One would hope that people who claim to be part of the “Civil Rights” community would not support tyrants, but it only proves how hypocritical some of them are. Mr. Beasley was the South Eastern head of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH organization when he expressed his support for Mugabe. Even Jackson’s son Jesse Jackson Jr. has shown some support of African tyrants like Mugabe.

Recently there were complaints from Mugabe’s administration that banks in Zimbabwe were not giving loans to the new Black farmers. But those farmers have no credit, so the mostly Black owned banks don’t want to take the risk. They still give loans to some of the remaining White farmers who are less of a credit risk. With all this Zimbabwe seems doomed, but it appeared that Mugabe might be changing his tune. There was talk of Mugabe planning to have White farmers return. Given they knew how to work their farms to make food. But now it appears that may not happen and Mugabe’s administration is standing firm, that they will not give any land back. Also officials in the country are warning banks that they should not give loans to White farmers.

Playing on race and events from the past, Mugabe leaves his nation starving in the present. He could try and work with some of the Whites to provide his people food, to survive. But it seems that the grudge match means more than even his own people’s survival. I say Mugabe should have stuck with the old British and USA plan. Andrew Young was working on behalf of the USA when the plan was in motion. It was going slow and Mr. Young told Mugabe to be patient. I think Mugabe should have taken Andrew Young’s advice. A slow transition ensured the people of Zimbabwe had food. And while it was going Mugabe had the moral upper hand, to keep pressure on the West to see the plan through. But now Mugabe has sacrificed more for the sake of saying he did it his way!


FreeMan said...

Afrika conquered by British - British declare Afrikans free - EuropeanAfrikans say NO - European-Afrikans must rule Rhodesia -
President Mugabe says the Colonial Power Britain should $ European-Afrikan Farmers for land seizures by Native Black Afrikans & former Colonial subjects -
Why won't Britain & Mr. Blair $ - Mr. Blair promoting Debt Free for Afrika - Why not its Former Colonial Power?
Europeans People Stick Together No Matter What - Must Maintain Power over the World!

Anonymous said...

I agree that we should give the whites 24hrs to get the fuck outta dodge...Dr.John Henrik Clarke once said that Africa was taken from us in blood and it can truly only be returned to us in blood...