Saturday, February 25, 2006

These Detroit School Board Members Deserve Our Support by Akindele Akinyemi

I am not a devout supporter of Detroit Public Schools. In fact, if it was up to me I would regionalize the whole school system and allow Wayne RESA to own and operate it.

However, there are some good people on the Detroit Public School Board.

I like Dr. Jimmy Womack, the school board president. He brings leadership that is needed badly in the DPS system.

I like Dr. Carla Scott. What is interesting is the fact that she if educational options like myself. She is my school board representative in the New Center Area in Detroit. Even though I did not vote for her in the primary election (that vote went to the First Lady of One Detroit, Tonya Myers) I did support and voted for her in last year's general election. Dr. Scott brings integrity, accountability and trust (the virtues of One Detroit) to the school board.

I like Joyce Hayes-Giles. Mrs. Hayes-Giles bring fiscal responsibility to the school board that has been missing since Jesus Christ was walking the earth. Many people do not like her because of her stance on education. She (like me) believes in global competition though a high level of education. How come her peers like Jana Garrison at DFT do not believe in the same thing?

I like Tyrone Winfrey. What impresses me about Mr. Winfrey is his bold knowledge of the subject matter. He represents strong leadership that most young Black men can look up to. I am also impressed with his wife, Janice Winfrey, the Detroit City Clerk. More importantly, I am impressed with the way they have raised their family.

Even someone like Rev. David Murray is beginning to see the light finally. I support his stance on African-Centered education but he is beginning to see that is more than just meets the eye when you are running a system that is outdated.

These brothers and sisters deserve our support and courage to help our children in the DPS system. Even though I am a stauch supporter of educational options I, as the executive director of One Detroit, will work with these school board members to create a cleaner, safer, and more accountable DPS system that we can be proud of.

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