Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Why Are We Holding On To A Dump by Akindele Akinyemi

Ghetto Life

Detroit is a dump.

Hey, Mr. Mayor:

You want to go after the homeowners that don't keep up their properties--so that's what all those hi-pricedcity council motions were about.

Nice move Mr. Man

Now that 80% of the homes belong absentee landlords and will just abandon the property if after Coleman, Archer and 4 years of you, someone has the will to make them cut the grass, rebuild the porch and clear the garbage off their rentals

Who cares assistance sends the checks direct to Birmingham, and Detroit's building inspectors minus the 30% absent today are just too busy to get to their jobs until 8 months from now. But wait how can they pick-up the garbage?

Look at all the sofas and matresses and furiture andclothes starting to pile-up all over the city. No BulkPick-Up! Well at least we'll have entertaiment when the weather gets warmer--shooting rats. Maybe that will create a whole new exciting revenue-generating entertainment.

One step closer to receivership.

The streets look like alleys! The lights are barely on in the neighborhood. I live in the 48202 area and it is looking more and more like a war zone. What about cutting some of the family and friends off of the city payroll. Every other Unit/Department is cutting from the top except the people that know the Mayor. This city will not continue to strive and grow!

Better yet, why don't we give Detroit up to Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties and let them run it. I am fully convinced that Black people do not know how to run their muncipalites.

I could care less about what was said during the mayor's speech. I'm leaving. Detroiter get what they voted for. Pure ignorance.

Time to leave Black people and head to the hills!!!!


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