Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Are We Striving For Prosperity or Poverty? Akindele Akinyemi

I recently visited the Life Changers Christian Center in Lansing, MI. I was persuaded to come by two beautiful sisters who attend the church and are very active in the church. One of the young ladies confessed to me that normally she do not invite people to her church openly because the pastors of the church teach prosperity and she knows that many liberal blacks cannot stand prosperity teachings.

In other words, she refuse to debate with someone who is ignorant to these type of lessons that are being taught in her church.

I was impressed by Dr. James and Stacia Pierce, the pastors of the church. What I am even more impressed is the fact that they are a young couple and both are educated in the Word of God. The church has 3,500 member's and growing. They are even preparing to open up a charter school up the road from the church.

There are tons of young, intelligent and spirit-filled young people in the church. It was really a wonderful experience.

But the one thing that struck a nerve with me is when Dr. James Pierce stood up in front of the congregation and said, "you do not have to be oppressed if you want to. Oppression is a state of mind."

I almost fell out of my seat. He continued by saying, "we do not have to live in poverty."

I have never met this brother and yet we are on the same page.

So how come black liberals and white liberals come down on prosperity? There are numerous references to prosperity in the Bible, the same book that liberals read.

I live in Detroit, in the New Jack City area of town (New Center Area). People hate on Bishop Keith Butler, Pastor Caldwell of First Baptist World Changers in Detroit and even this young couple in Lansing.

I have heard Dr. Michael Eric Dyson call out Creflo Dollar about prosperity. I have read countless articles on the Internet on how prosperity teaching will take you to hell. But I read the content of those articles I can tell that left-wing religious nuts have been writing these articles.

Black people come from a line of prosperity historically. Do you think the kings and queens of Africa were broke and living in poverty? What about the ancient Egyptians (Kemetians)? Were they broke? Do you think Moses was broke? Jesus Christ? The Wisemen? Do you think ANY of God's prophets and apostles were broke? Not Paid in Full (like my brothers Eric B & Rakim used to rap about back in '87)?

Black liberal preachers like Rev. Wendell Anthony is NOT broke and is using prosperity for his own personal wealth. So is Horace Sheffield. But liberals do not attack them the way they attack our conservative brothers and sisters.

Every conservative church who has ties to the Republican Party (directly or indirectly) have consistently stressed:

  • Marriage between man and woman.
  • Anti-abortion.
  • Personal wealth and generosity.
  • Family building and relationship.
  • Have a very strong children's ministry based on biblical principles.
  • A highly educated population (academically).

Every liberal church who disguise themselves as "socially conservative" in the community(that has ties to the Democratic Party) I have visited stressed the following:

  1. Same-sex relationships or bi-sexual relationships.
  2. Pro-choice.
  3. Implementing a socialist concept of control in the church structure (i.e Democratic Revolution or Democratic centralism).
  4. No family building or relationship building.
  5. A weak children's ministry.
  6. Stressing the fact that black people are oppressed.
  7. A very highly uneducated population.
  8. Lack of knowledge of biblical principles.

This is not a coincidence. The liberal churches are also instrumental in designing political action committees that have direct ties to the Democratic Party to promote these ideas from a political point of view.

I have also visited churches such as the Family Victory Fellowship Church in Southfield, MI and First Baptist World Changers in Detroit. Both churches are filled with young, energetic people who understand that real black power in 2006 will come from not just the Word of God and applying biblical principles to their everyday life but also understanding economics. Add that with building strong black marriages and families and we will be on the way to victory.

Prosperity teachings are grossly misunderstood. Black people are not oppressed or being held down by the white man. We hold each other down. We rob and kill one another. If anyone is doing the oppression it's us.

We march on immigration rights for Mexicans, yet, we do not make any effort to get our children out of poverty with personal responsibility. We talk about what Bush is not doing, yet, we give Granholm a free pass. Black nationalists march on people homes, yet, they are teaching our children how to be free and do for self objectively. Liberals love talking about education but are against educational options. Many liberals cannot even articulate a half-debate on education because many of them are far out in left field on this issue.

We need prosperity in our communities today. Not just financial prosperity but spiritual generosity to help those in need. Not giving free handouts but showing and educating brothers and sisters how to do for self.

If young black people are coming over to the prosperity movement then the old heads needs to ask why are they coming over?

Maybe because these institutions are teaching morals and values, economic freedom and spiritual balance.

Maybe because black people are free.

Ask yourself, are you striving for prosperity or poverty?


catholic blog said...

Keep up these invigorating questions, as well as creating debate about our day to day social-economic, and psycho-social goings-ons.'Blogs' are the way to communicate ideas for the future!

FreeMan said...

Jesus was homeless!

akindele akinyemi said...

Jesus was homeless? jesus christ worked for a living!!!!

damn..He did better than call em out..LOL

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