Friday, April 14, 2006

The Spell of Ignorance by Akindele Akinyemi

Remember back in the day when you listened to the True Light Tapes with As Sayyid Al Imaam Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi?

Or you hung out with the Holy Tabernacle Ministeries with Dr. Malachi Z. York?

Contrary to popular belief I used to be a member for 10 years. 15 years agoI begin studying Islam when we were called the Nubian Islamic Hebrew Mission (Ansaarullah Community). Even though York is in the Federal pen for crimes that he did and did not commit I still pick up his books from time to time to see what has changed.


Not dogging my brother because he helped me understand Islam a whole lot better than the average Sunni Muslim on the corner. But when it came to that Nibiru stuff and the E.T. stuff and May 5, 2000 I became skeptical.

York's poular quote (that I have used in academia) is "Don't believe me check it out". Well I checked out the May 5, 2000 thing and it never happened. York's belief was the planets in the solar system was going to line up and there was going to be a huge disaster on the Earth. A portal was going to open up and allow the "ships" to pass into the solar system. Then in August 2003 the "passengers" of these crafts were going to beam us up and put the barathary gland back into the hippocampus part of our brains.

Of course this was fabrication because none of this happened.

He mentioned the greys and the reptilians. Where are they at?

A lot of his information was plagerized from other sources that had a New Age twist to it.

I strongly believe that NASA and other governmental departments are hiding the facts from people. This is why they ave movies like Independence day and Men In Black. Remember the movie Contact? There is no coincidence that NASA knows something.

I am a firm believer in some cosmologies because the Bible speaks of it. But not at the level where York was building pyramids in Georgia and allowed himself to get set up by law enforcement. I mean, how do you let your own son set you up on charges of child molestation and extortion? How do YOU allow yourself to go to jail?

The Doctor? Rabboni. I don't think so.

But I wll say that he gave me firm lessons on understanding Islam, Christianity and Judaism from a historical point. Unlike my black conservative colleagues, Islam is NOT a religion of war but a religion of peace.

I am not getting paid to say this either!!!

The pastor of Ambassarods for Christ, Glenn Plummer, in Redford, MI said that Islam is a religion of war and Christianity is a religion of love.

If that is so true then why did Christians enslaved Africans in the first place? Why did they lynch us? Why rape our women and feed us pork? Why did they restrict us to read? Why did they separate the black family to begin with?

America is a Christian nation full of immoral behaviors and decadence.

In Islam, they practice a strong family unit. Divorces are not as high in Islam as it is in Christianity. Among black people in America, brothers are converting to Islam due to the high level of discipline and commitment. In other words, you will find more black men in Islam and more black women in Christianity.

Sounds like separation between the two. You're right.

How do we break down that separation? We have to understand each other's faith a little more.

When I used to practice Islam I took the time to study other religions as well. I studied the Bible. I would share what I knew of the Bible and helped brothers and sisters understand the connection between Islam and Christianity. Most Muslims fail to teach our Christian brothers and sisters that Jesus Christ is mentioned more in the Koran than Muhammad.

Why? Because Muhammad followed the same laws as Jesus. No coincindence here.

Black liberals and Black conservatives alike look down on black people who are Muslims because of what they see on the Today Show with Matt Lauer and Katie Couric. They also look down on black people in Africa who practice ancestrial religions.

How backwards.

Christianity, Islam and Judaism have one thing in common....God. All three of these religions recognize Jesus in some shape, form or fashion.

We should also recognize that our ancestors brought traditional elements into Christianity during slavery. Those elements have been passed down generation after generation.

So the next time you frown on your black brothers and sisters in Africa practicing tradtional worship keep in mind that your church may be practicing the same.

There is so much division in our community today. Black people who practice prosperity teachings vs black liberation theology. Why not learn about BOTH and practice Christianity correctly. Black liberation theology teaches the historical connections to the bible while prosperity teachings teaches us we do not have to live in poverty.

Both are needed to lift the spell of ignornace off our people.

Dr. York used to call this spell "Leviathan". This is one thing I agree with him on.

We cannot continue letting religion divide us. We cannot continue teaching ignorance from our pulpits for crumbs that fall from the table.


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