Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What In The World Is Jana Garrison Up To? by Akindele Akinyemi

I appreciate her being a Delta woman.

I appreciate her being a member of the Hope United Methodist Church in Southfield.

But Jana Garrision.

I must admit.

You are running a backwards ass teacher union that continues to deprive children of a quality education.

Don't get me wrong, Ms. Garrison is a fine sister. But when I read things like this:

As part of the 2005-06 contract, DFT members agreed to loan the district five days' salary. The first installment was taken from the March 21, 2006, paycheck. Subsequent installments will be taken on the next four consecutive pay periods. The District agreed to repay the loan as follows: Two (2) days in December 2006; one (1) day in December 2007; one (1) day in December 2008 and one (1) day in December 2009.

I begin to wonder about the direction of BOTH Detroit Public Schools and Detroit Federation of Teachers.

LOANING the school district money? Yet, you are against charter schools? What nerve.

Then when DFT found out that DPS were paying their administrators you took the streets and protested right outside the Fisher Building.

Not to mention that your unionized workers called in "sick" as a silent protest. Never mind the children.

Hell, it's never about the children to being with.

Right Ms. Garrison?

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