Monday, June 26, 2006

Brainwashed Youths by Akindele Akinyemi

I have studied multiple religions in the past to help shape my reality. Of course you have some Black organizations that force Black paranoia down the throats of our youth. They use fear and initmidation tactics to scare them into a life of failure and blame white people for all of their problems.

For instance, one group I have been watching for over 15 years is the Morrish Science Temple of America. They have a chapter here in Detroit and I would talk to the "Bey's" for information. They based some of their teachings from Islam and Christianity. In fact, their version of the Koran is a plagerized version of the book the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ. They also claim they are decendants of Morocco.


So why would a bunch of hood rats try to blow up the Sears Tower? Maybe they needed some sex or they were bored. Also, they pledge their alliance with Al-Qaida, a group who do not give a damn about the plight of Black people in this country to being with.

I blame our elders in the community for this confusion. We always talk about what we did in the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Power Movement. Instead of educating our youth on ourstory of our history we infuse paranoia and conspiracy theories in our children's minds and therefore mislead them.

Instead of teaching them that America has great wealth and opportunites for themselves and their familes to grow and prosper we waste time with trying to continue the movement by listening to paranoid grassroots activists, basing our political philosophy on socialism and not properly educating ourselves to compete in a global society. All those grassroots activists cannot continue to preach about Africa if we do not have a concrete means to bring Africa into a free market society.

Teaching our children to hate white people and other races leads them to do dumb stuff like this.


afrknsci said...

setup,setup,setup, i fail to belive that a bunch of brothas studying and working out constitutes as a terror cell. Ok so they wanted to kill devils isnt' that what is preached across amerika on sunday mornings? Smite the devil, so are pulpits gonna be under surveliance now? i doubt it.. this was pure fabrication to continue the fake war on terror..If anything these brothers were guilty of selling wolf tickets

akindele akinyemi said...

I don't doubt them. remember john allen muhammad who went around picking off people (including my man who founded MATAH products)?