Thursday, June 29, 2006

Buzz Thomas: Moving and Shaking His Bid for Re-Election by Akindele Akinyemi

There are so many haters in Detroit. They always paint a target on this guy.

State Senator Samuel Buzz Thomas.

The reason? According to Call em Stupid, the so-called watchdog political group in the city, he is not Black enough.

Not Black enough?

There are not too many Democrats I like in Detroit. Buzz Thomas is an exception. This man is working on behalf of Michigan (not just Detroit) daily. However, he supports our One Detroit Network and I have met with him numerous times in his district office.

The bills he has introduced into legislation are terrific. People player-hate him because of his initial support of land banks.

Hell, I support land baks myself. No one else I have talked to has shown me a different way to get land off the tax rolls.

More importantly, they attack him because he is intelligent and is able to articulate the issues. That makes sense for him to be a target because dumb and dumber love entertainment in the political world here in Detroit.

In other words, dumb ass people like Call em Out are fearful of us intelligent, spohisticated people.

Contrary to popular belief, Buzz Thomas is the only one that can defeat Congressman John Conyers in a Congressional battle.

If Buzz ever get tired of the Democrats we have room for him here over at the Republicans.

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