Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Detroit Public Schools Need To Stop Making Excuses by Akindele Akinyemi

It's time for Detroit Public Schools to stop making excuses for its actions.

It is absolutely insane to ask for a 15.6% pay increase when the district is ranked dead last when it comes to graduating our students on time.

Read the foolishness that they give as a reason for students not graduating on time from the Detroit Free Press:

Detroit Public Schools officials were quick to refute the figure, however, saying that the report does not take into account the large number of students it loses to suburban districts, charter schools or alternative programs, such as those for the General Equivalency Development certificate. At the same time, they noted various efforts -- including online community college courses -- to help retain students.

The large number of students being lost to suburban districts? So what about the Inkster School District who transports children from Detroit to Inkster daily? DPS scream about how charter schools are taking students from the district but gives Inkster Schools a free pass.

How hypocritical.

The article also states the following:

Part of Detroit's problem, according to the report, is that it suffers from low parental involvement as students grow older and a high transitory rate that leads students to attend several schools before graduation. It also has a small but significant number of students who end up in alternative programs to get a GED.

If you have a hood mentality you will not go anywhere. While grassroots organizations like Call Em Out, BAMN and Keep The Vote gripe about the school board how come they are not in these chaotic, violent schools trying to keep students on task? The white man is NOT responsible for the hell that is going on in DPS, Black people are responsible. We are demonstrating our own Afrikan self hatred towards one another when these children and administrators have allowed chaos in the classrooms to become a norm. We are also demonstrating our self-hatred when we continue to do the same thing in DPS over and over again without results.

I have stated in the past that the time to pamper at-risk students are over. We must be able to take control of our educational path by pving a way for stduents who are trying to receive an education to help them build bridges with other cultures, help build an entrepreneural spirit to rejuventate the community and compete with China, India and Germany. There is nothing we can do for the at-risk children nor the at-risk staff and administration within DPS. The only thing we can do with Detroit Public Schools at this time is to downsize and regionalize the school district with Wayne RESA.

It's time for Detroit Public Schools to stop making excuses and get into the business of creating a new school district under Wayne RESA's leadership.

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