Thursday, June 22, 2006

Gay Police Officers Raping Civillians by Akindele Akinyemi

This is why I do not support any so-called civil rights or marriage between LGBT people. They have rights already.

To be straight and walk the straight and narrow path.

Do not get me wrong I do not hate gays and lesbians at all. But I really have a problem with homosexuals on the ANY police force in this country. Especially Detroit.

Recently, on Detroit's Southwest side, there have been numerous rapes of Blackmen from White gay police officers who are called the "Booty Boys." in the hood. The officers are Michael Osman and Michael Parish, who work the afternoon shift.

Why are they gay and sick? Read the following from the liberal Michigan Citizen:

I witnessed the assault on Byron Ogletree,” Leslie Kyles told the council regarding the most recent incident. It involved the arrest of a River Rouge resident May 31 in front of the Sav-A-Lot store at Schaefer and Beatrice.

She said she filmed what she could of the incident from a distance, on her camera phone, as a large crowd gathered.“

They had him out of the car, he was saying, no, no, no,” Kyles told the Citizen. “One officer said, ‘He’s got a weapon,’ repeatedly, but the other said, ‘No, I don’t have it.’ Then one officer drew his gun and said ‘I’m going to shoot you, and the other said ‘Shoot him, shoot him, shoot him.’ They hit and sprayed him and wrestled him to the ground, and pulled out a blackjack and beat him in the knees.”

Kyles said the officers then handcuffed the prone Ogletree.“They pulled his pants down, and dug in his butt with his underwear still on, then they pulled his drawers down and opened up his butt,” she recounted.

Why would you open a man's ass up in public in broad daylight? For what?

It continues:

Melvin Shields, Jr. told a similar tale of horror to the city council.

“Michael Parish and Michael Osman pulled me and two other gentlemen out of the car, claiming it was for a dangling ornament,” said Shields, who is 20. “They handcuffed me and my friends and strip-searched us outside, then they took us in.”

Shields told the Citizen that the incident happened in the beginning of March near Gleason and Beatrice. He said the officers searched his car without permission.“They didn’t find anything,” Shields said. “They put my friend on his bad knees, and he started complaining.

Then Parish looked at Osmond and told him ‘Go to the trunk.’ He pulled out rubber gloves. I was the first one he came to. He pulled my pants down and put his finger in me, and he was fondling on my genitals. He did that to my friends as well.”

Why would police officers rub a man's nuts? This is not even a real search. It sounded like these police officers wanted to get some. Again, in broad daylight.

Marcon Green, 29, told the council he filed a complaint with the Chief Investigator’s Office of the Detroit Police Department regarding his arrest.

“Michael Osman and Michael Parish pulled me over because they claimed my passenger didn’t have a seat belt on,” Green said to the council. “They took him out of the car, along with his 15-year-old daughter. They made her put her hands on the car and then started feeling all on the back of my behind.

I need to interject here? Feeling on his behind with what????????

They did they same to my friend, right in front of his daughter.”Green told the Citizen that the incident happened in mid-May at Schaefer and Annabelle, saying further, “I was sexually molested, fondled in between my buttocks, and they handled my genitals several times, over and over again. Then they threw me in the back seat until they ran my name and let me go.”

Police harrassement is real in any urban city you live. There is a proper way to search a person. Yes, you are suppose to check the person for weapons, drugs, etc. but NOT like this. This is some gay shit and I will bet you that after work these guys go to a gay bar and have a drink and fondle each other.

Here's what's worse. These guys are still on the police force because they are protected by the DPOA (police union). In other words the most they will get is a slap on the wrist. Just like teachers in public schools can have sex with minors in Detroit Public Schools (straight, bi or gay) and have nothing to worry about because their jobs are protected by the DFT (teacher union).

So, when you go to the ballot box this summer and fall before you vote Democrat ask yourself why am I voting Democrat when they support unions that protect jobs for incompetent people and gay and lesbian rights that opens the door for molestation?


Anonymous said...

Hey, neither of thses guys are gay. (And neither of them raped anyone!) Good thing your blog isn't very popular!

Anonymous said...

you mother fuckers are stupid..all you people want is a dollar from the city. no one raped anyone, just for your info, its called a search. all u mother fuckers carry your drugs in your ass, so the officers did their job to find it. fuck all you shit heads and keep givin the money to your mayor to keep the police out!

Anonymous said...

Akindele's commentary is such nonsense. He simply used this topic as an accuse to go on a homophobic rampage or to simply be outrageous. What these cops did does not lead to the conclusion that they're gay, although it would raise ones suspicions. But think about this: were the men and women who sexually humilated those men and young boys at Abu Ghraid Prison in Iraq... GAY or homos (in a homophobic US Military nonetheless)?

And I'm going to tell you something else, as a gay black man, I can tell you we're very visual... most of us like youthful, good looking men with nice bodies (i.e. muscular or a decent shape). In other words most gay men in their 20, 30's and early 40's are very picky about men they will holla at.

And after viewing images of some the pot-bellied, 40'ish looking men I saw interviewed that are claiming sexual abuse at the hands of two Detroit Police, I find it hard to believe these two white cops were doing this because they are sexually attracted to overweight, 40ish looking black men. Spare us the homophobic nonsense.

Anonymous said...

this blog is very popular worldwide you fuck!!!!

Anonymous said...

ok if a officerr is supposed to search someone how are they supposed to do it without touching someone. did you waan't them to have the criminal take off his you ever watch tv when a officer pats down someone they usually do it all over including their butt and groine its called a pat down and its leagal and its why your still alive today becuse it gets guns off the street.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen, the issue I have is not whether or not these men are homosexual. My issue lies in the fact that strip searches are being done in public. That is degrading and violates the constitution's provisions regarding search and seizure. Strip searches though necessary sometimes, should be done privately. It is nobody else's business what the officer is searching for and no one's body should be publicly exposed like that.