Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Going Over The Hill by Akindele Akinyemi

If you want me to participate in any state races with Democrats in the City of Detroit you better have some integrity, class and personality.

More importantly, you better look good, be saved and be intelligent about the issues.

The state representative races in District 4 in Detroit is the most insane district state race in the State of Michigan. There is more drama in this race to replace outgoing State Representative Mary Waters than the actual gubernatorial elections in Michigan.

For example:

You have Coleman A Young Jr. who has never even involved himself politics until recently. His state position was working at Subway. Of course he is trying to run on his father's name to continue a legacy. I would be down for that but does not have the personality or knowledge to go to Lansing to deal with us. In due time he will evolve if the old guard would allow him to evolve.

Then you have Maureen Stapleton who I have been reading since last December about and actually met in person not too long ago. She works for Wayne County but I am not impressed with her or her platform. She sounds like a mouthpiece for Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano.

You have Diane McMillian who is very nice and teaches over at Marygrove College but she would be great to work behind the scenes to jump start young people in politics. She is very upbeat for her age.

You have Frazier Kimpson who is Mayor Kilpatrick's point man in this race. Anything coming from the Mayor's office I am totally skeptical.

You have Ronald Liscombe who is the white candidate in this race. I went to high school with him and he knows some of the issues but again no legislative experience.

You have Chris Collins in this race who is the son of Councilwoman Barbara Rose-Collins but I suspect he is only in this race to split votes.

But the person who I am supporting and have been working with in this race is Kimberly Hill.

To tell you the truth, I have never even heard of Kimberly Hill until I spoke to one of my closet friends Rinia Shelby, who works for Congressman John Conyers. She informed me that her friend, Kimberly, was running for State Representative in District 4.

Of course, by me being a conservative I thought to myself she is another Conyer-ite. But Rinia has never ever led me wrong on anything. So I told Rinia to have Kimberly give me a call.

Time went on and I never heard from Kimberly. Finally, one Saturday night, Kimberly called me. After getting to know her I reminded her that I had conservative views on life and politics.

Her response was: " Your point?"

I fell in love with her instantly.

I immediatedly fired off questions to her like a gun. Suprisingly, she answered all of the questions with references.

References? It's been a long time since someone did that. I knew that this woman was a diamond in the ruff.

As we further talked she revealed to me that she had a Bachelor of Science degree in Comunity Education with additional concentrations in public relations and journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a Masters degree in Educational Administration from temple University.

An educational maverick is what she is known to be in some political circles as I did my research. Even though I am an educational choice maverick myself she led a coalition back in 2000 to defeat vouchers in Michigan. A voucher initiative that was led by Dick and Betsy DeVos.

Can the rest of those candidates mastermind an effort to defeat Dick DeVos on vouchers? Of course not. They lack the knowledge to do so.

This is how know that this woman was the one. She was the candidate to win this seat. I knew that I had to jump on board the Kimberly Hill Express before it left to go to Lansing.

As I was learning about Kimberly and her accomplishments that she achieved I noticed one thing that was lacking from many of the male and female candidates that she possesed.

Jesus Christ.

A devout Christian who attends Perfecting Church on Detroit's East Side she is walking in the light and example of Christ. Possessed with the Holy Spirit her integrity is so potent that constituents have began to warm up to her in the most poverished areas in District 4. When voters are talking to her about problems in the district she always have a solution to the problem and always backs what she says up. Her ability to interpret legislation on economic development and education has people in those precincts in the district pledging their support for her.

Even over Coleman A Young. Jr.

They are not just voting for her because of her legislative experience but hey are voting for her because she is a saved Christian woman who heals those in needs with her words of encouragement.

Staples is being built on East Jefferson near Downtown Detroit. Thanks to Kimberly Hill's legislative experience from working with Congressman John Conyers and economic expertise she helped bring the popular office store to Detroit. That Staples will help bring in 20-30 new jobs to the district. Not only these people will have jobs BUT stock options. In other words, they can invest in the company that they work for.

She has helped over 500 familes move into new homes. Contrary to popular belief, her explicit knowledge on bringing social security benefits to senior citizens places her in the driving seat as the top vote go getter in this race.

Her passion in helping our seniors is incredible. Her healing power through God is so powerful that I had no other choice but to walk with her a much as possible. I love her energy and so do the voters in the district. Her heart is so pure and she knows when not to cross the line with people. She is committed to the district unlike others who want to go to Lansing and continue to cave in to special interest that in turn harm people living in poverty.

It is totally rare to see a woman on this caliber, this young and this talented running for a state office. I have worked with many people in politics but Kimberly Hill has taken integrity to a whole new level.

This is why she has my vote and undeniable support for state representative. She is a fine woman with class, personality and integrity. Whatever you have heard of Kimberly Hill in terms of her not getting the job done is not telling you the truth and therefore is misleading you.

When Rinia Shelby asked me to take care of her friend I told her I would. It's time that the voters in District 4 took care of Kimberly Hill by jumping on board the Express and voting for her on August 8.

Next stop for Ms. Hill: Lansing, MI.

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