Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Granholm is Finished

From the Detroit News Cyber Survey:

Jobs and the economy are the most serious issue confronting Michigan, by far, voters say. Which political party would do a better job of managing Michigan’s economy?

Democrats 26.75%

Republicans 58.96%

Both about the same 1.82%

Neither 12.46%

The demise of Granholm is near. Stay with us and stay tuned to more of DeVos asskicking of Granholm.

Last but not least...a memo to Lansing from one dedicated voter...

Granholm for the last three years has gone on vacations...err "business trips" to Japan and other countries to get new jobs sent to Michigan. Every time she comes back with a handful of 100 jobs here, 100 jobs there.

Unfortunately a Michigan worker's job is permanently lost every 10 minutes under Granholm's leadership. It doesn't even take a day to erase any job gains from Granholm's vacations...err business trips...to Japan.

Honda and Toyota continue to build factories in Southern states - where workers are cheap, and the states are eager to give companies big tax breaks. Granholm turns away jobs by not offering breaks to Toyota and Honda for new factories here.

Granholm - a socialist foreign-born Canadian that turns away jobs, and hasn't done anything to fix our economy in the past 3+ years. Dick DeVos - a lifelong Michigan native and very successful businessman. The choice of who can fix our economy is as clear as black and white - Granholm would only continue another several years of suffering under the status quo of no jobs, DeVos will fix it.

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