Monday, June 26, 2006

Michigan Democrats Acknowledge Granholm's Ineffectiveness

The Michigan Democratic Party released on Thursday a new misguided television commercial touting Governor Granholm's ability to put Michigan first. "The Democrats' understanding of `putting Michigan first' must be different than the rest of Michigan's," said Saul Anuzis, MRP Chairman. "Because of Jennifer Granholm's ineffective leadership, Michigan is now first in all of the categories where we should be last, and last where we should be first."

"This new advertisement only shows voters pictures of motion. Unfortunately motion doesn't mean progress.," said Anuzis. "Having a so-called plan is one thing, getting results is another. It takes more than one new plant to recover the one job lost for every twenty minutes of Granholm's tenure."

"The governor's message says to Michigan, `I can't be an effective Governor as long as George W. Bush is President.'" Anuzis said. "Newsflash: George Bush is going to be the President no matter who wins in November. Mitch Daniels has figured it out, George Pataki has figured it out, and even Ed Rendell has figured out that you can't be an effective leader by blaming everyone else for your woes," Anuzis said. "Granholm has no clue what to do, so she blames everyone else."

Blaming Bush policies for Michigan's losses is an argument that holds no merit. Michigan is in a Single State Recession. Michigan is the only state from May 2005 to May 2006 to have a net jobs loss. Manufacturing-centric states continue to see job growth, while Michigan continues to lose jobs, 19,000 more in May alone.

"Jennifer Granholm is ineffective and even her own party is now acknowledging it.. Michigan voters are tired of the blame game and come November, I'm confident that they will elect a true leader in Dick DeVos.," Anuzis said.

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