Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Michigan Turnaround Plan: A Best Go Getter

From the Press:

"The most detailed set of objectives ever produced by a candidate for statewide office in Michigan" -The Free Press

Reducing income taxes for poverty level households – "a laudable idea" -The Free Press

"A business-savvy CEO who will eliminate waste, duplication and needless bureaucracy in state government." -The Free Press

"Big on ideas" -The Detroit News

"That's the kind of leadership needed to move Michigan out of its long-standing economic doldrums." -The Detroit News

"DeVos has set a tone for the campaign" -The Detroit News

"He has made this state's business climate and tax structure the focus of this year's race for governor -- and that's a favor to all state residents." -The Detroit News

"A slew of ideas and four basic missions: improve the job climate; overhaul state government; diversify the economy and improve Michigan's global standing." -The Detroit News

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