Wednesday, June 07, 2006

On A Side Note...

Republicans WIN California special election for the U.S. House! Congressman-elect Brian Bilbray pulled off an impressive victory as theDemocrats touted their chances of starting the anti-Republican turnover of the House. Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi spoke too soon, as Republicans once again showed that “our ground game” is the best in the country and we can hold our own against any onslaught from the Democrats.

The bottom line, national issues were NOT the main issues in this race, politics is local and local issues will normally dominate a race…especially if you have a good ground game. Granholm’s strategy to “nationalize” her re-election bid may not be the best strategy…but then again, their strategy continues to be questioned on many fronts.

Attorney General Mike Cox announced that his office helped collect over $26 million from deadbeat parents. Continuing his innovative approach to serving as Michigan’s best Attorney General, Cox continues to get recognition for his policies.

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