Thursday, June 22, 2006

Salvation: Turning Around The Economy in Michigan by Akindele Akinyemi

This is the Michigan TurnAround Plan Version 2.0 from Dick DeVos.

It is the most comprhensible plan I have seen from a candidate running for gubernatorial office here in Michigan.

A synopsis of the plan includes:

Eliminate the Single Business Tax

No tax or fee increases

More money for public schools, community colleges and universities

Invest in alternative energy such as ethanol and biodiesel

Eliminate Lansing red tape with incentives such as money-back guarantees for permits that aren't processed by deadlines and a governor's "bureaucratic override."

End paid days off on Election Day for state employees.

Merit pay for schoolteachers

DeVos also wants to eliminate the cool cities initiative that was spearheaded by Gov. Granholm. I opened the door on this scam earlier this month in one of my blogs. A front initiative for gays and lesbians and a waste of taxpayers money.

This is what Chris DeWitt, a spokesperson from the Granholm camp, had to say:

"When it comes to job creation, DeVos' plan has no depth, no substance, no specifics and a lot of unanswered questions."

Any business man or woman will not reveal all of their details in one setting unless they have a magic card up their sleeve. This is a piss-poor quote from the Granholm camp.

Did Mr. DeWitt stop to think that there are no jobs in Michigan? What about those in education who cannot even keep a decent teaching job let alone find one to begin with because we have old heads who do not want to step down after 30 years so they can build up their retirement.

Did Mr. DeWitt look in the Sunday Free Press to see what type of jobs are even available?

One thing DeVos pointed out was eliminating income taxes for families making less than $14,000. How many people in the hood alone would benefit from that? He also wants to phase out welfare benefits after four years. To me that is too long to being with. How about two years?

Of course the plan call for the elimination of the Single Business Tax in Michigan. I discussed this tax in depth on this blogspot and how it does not benefit jobs in Michigan. It also scares jobs from coming into the state.

Who the hell wants to be taxed to death? I hate being taxed on my paycheck.

According to Gov. Granholm's re-eelction website:

The Governor has signed 59 targeted tax cuts for businesses, including a $600 million cut for our manufacturers that encourages the insourcing of jobs. She balanced the budget in the face of unprecedented deficits and has reduced permitting time for some business permits by 60 percent. She is also creating strong cities to anchor regional economies and attract a young, educated workforce.

However, the reality of this tall tale is the following from the Detroit News yesterday:

A new U.S. Census report on population trends shows that six Michigan cities are among the nation's leaders in numbers of defections, due primarily to the state's lagging economy. Of the six Michigan cities in the Census report, Detroit fared worst, ranking 7th nationally in population losses. Other Michigan cities include Lansing, Flint, Ann Arbor, Warren and Grand Rapids, who all placed in the top 60 among cities with more than 100,000 people as ranked by percent of loss. The population estimates released today by the U.S. Census Bureau estimate the changes from 2004 to 2005.

So what the hell is Granholm talking about? Also did you notice those cities that were sited? These are Democratic cities not Republican cities. What is that telling you?

The other thing she pointed out was the following:

Granholm believes education, health care, a healthy environment and public safety are the key ingredients of a good life for Michigan families and has fought hard to protect them despite the state's fiscal challenges.

Saul Anuzis, Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, makes this profound statement:

"Our college graduates continue to leave Michigan because there is no work. Even United Van Lines reported that they have seen the highest rate of one way moves out of Michigan as our job losses continue to rise."

Again, what is Granholm talking about?

The point is now is the time for Black people to stand up and tell Granholm good bye. This woman will never bring jobs to Michigan and we need someone who is goign to produce. That person is Dick DeVos.


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