Friday, June 16, 2006

Shanelle Jackson and Kimberly Hill: Two Sisters On A Mission by Akindele Akinyemi

Rarely, I ever support Democrats in state races for anything these days because they all sound the same to me.

They always talk about the following:

Lower insurance rates in Detroit.

Building good public schools (this is code for pouring more money in Detroit Public Schools)

And more programs (whatever that is).

However, every now and then there are candidates from the Democratic side that will seek my help.

It really depends who they are and what they want.

In this case I will break from my Republican base and support these two Democratic candidates running for state representative. One is no stranger to running for office and the other is brand new and is off to a string start.

Shanelle Jackson is running for State Representative District 9 in Detroit. That seat is being vacated by Rep. Tupac Hunter, who deicided to run for State Senate District 5. There is several things about Shanelle that you have to know.

She is a tremendous hard worker. In fact, she works so hard that two years ago when she ran the first time I called her the "precinct-a-day-woman." She is the only person that I have ever met that can walk an entire precinct in one day.

She comes from a strong family background. Her mother is the only person that I have ever seen do literature drops on a block within minutes. Her job at the post office has paid off. Her aunt, Nicole, is a fiscal mastermind, organizer and the rest of the family will work the polls for her.

I, personally, call her the Reverend because when she talks she has a very raspy voice that sounds biblical to me. However, she is biblical and spiritual and has moved people in ways that is unimaginable.

So why are people playing hating her? Why are her challengers afraid of her? Is it because she is the forerunner in this race? Her ties to Mayor Kilpatrick? Her ties to Bishop Keith Butler at Word of Faith Christian Center where she has been going since damn near birth?

Who is playing hating her already? Try Mildred Gaddis. You know the queen of gossip talk radio on 1200 AM radio every morning.

She was feeding off half information from Michael Grundy. Grundy made a comment on why Shanelle would move from her former seat in District 10 (in 2004) to her present seat now?

Who the hell is he to ask such questions when it was Grundy who supposedly moved "back" to District 10 in 2004 after getting thrashed in District 7 by Rep. Virgil Smith in 2002. Even my One Detroit sister Dr. Carol Weaver thrashed him in the same race.

What they are trying to do is pull dirt on my sister. They tried in 2004 to accuse her of carpetbagging and they are still trying to hit her with this again.

Shanelle was BORN and raised in this district. She went to middle School and it is a well known fact that she graduated from Redford High School. She works with young sisters in Brightmoor and while these radio freaks try to hinder her progress she has grown much stronger these past two years by educating herself on the political process.

Now you have William Watkins lurking in the dark waiting to get a crack at Shanelle. Watkins, who lost to Rep. Marsha Cheeks in a state representative race in 2002, will dig up dirt on Shanelle to gain votes.

Remember, this is the same liberal William Watkins that cannot articulate issues and was fired by Rep. Tupac Hunter for not performing his duties.

I point out Watkins because his style of campaigning is old school. He will sling mud at a sister who has built a reputation on honesty, integrity and excellence.

The thing about this District 9 race is that Shanelle is gaining intense support from her constituents. While she is walking daily her aunt, Nicole, has reloaded with key players in the campaign to make this not only a successful campaign but a divine calling.

The other Democratic candidate I would like to point out is Kimberly Hill who is running for State Representaive in District 4 in Detroit. Kimberly, a legislative aide to Rep. John Conyers, is a super powerhouse when it comes to economic development and education. While people are focusing on Maureen Stapleton and Coleman A Young Jr. in this race Kimberly has emerged as a favorite upset in this crazy race full of unknowns.

I walked with Kimberly recently and this woman is total dynamite. I have trained candidates in the past but training this sister is a true blessing. Extremely articulate, focused and always have an ace up her sleeve. What people are sleeping on is the fact that she actually has a centrist platform that is needed in Detroit and especially in this district.

Strong in her spiritual convictions Kimberly has a magic touch that will motivate you to vote for her. Nine years she has spent at Perfecting Church becoming perfected for leadership her evolution has taken place and she grows stronger daily.

Have you seen the new Staples that they are building in Detroit on Jefferson? You can thank Ms. Hill for that. Her explicit knowledge of economic development would even make both the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and the Detroit Regional Chamber give her honorary memberships to their organizations. Even though this is her first race she is quietly becoming a threat to the traditional candidates in this race.

Along with Zhe Clampitt running for State Representative in District 17 in Redford Township One Detroit is primed for excellence.

All negroes beware.

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