Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tupac A. Hunter: A Man of Strength and Integrity by Akindele Akinyemi


The State Senate race in District 5 in Northwest Detroit, Dearborn Heights and Inkster is a messy one.

We are happy to see outgoing State Senator Burton Leland leave his post (even though he is running for Wayne County Commissioner in District 7).

But there are three heavyweights in the ring and the battle has just begun.

In this corner is Former State Representative Derrick Hale.

I thank God for him bringing in funds to fix Telegraph Rd a few years ago because I thought my car was going to fall into a crater. He understands legislation and he well respected in the district. However, he has been known to be a little lazy when it comes to campaigning.

In this other corner is Former State Representative Rev. Triette Reeves.

Reeves, like Hale, is very respected (and actually one of my favorite Dems in the race) and is loved by her constituents. She has stood on issues that have affected Black people in the district and also have stood with her faith (when it comes to same-sex marriage). She is looked upon as a spiritual inspiration for those sisters (like Shanelle Jackson who is running in District 9) to motivate them in the right direction. A woman of faith, integrity and determination she is a wonderful woman to get to know.

But I am supporting this guy here, Rep. Tupac Hunter.

I will tell you why.

Most people donot know Tupac's story to begin with. Originally, he did not want to be in politics at all. He wanted to go into financing. However, he understood the call of duty in terms of serving his district and in 2002 threw his hat into the ring with some other heavyweights.

What I was impressed with his campaign in 2002 was the fact that this man walked and knocked on doors daily. His way of articulating issues were mesmerizing. However, the most important thing I liked about him was his ability to stand on his own feet and merit.

People are trying to knock Rep. Hunter down because he has taken an unpopular stance or position on issues that affect his district or the city. His former Chief of Staff (William Watkins) has spewed hate on him. We pray that Shanelle kicks his trifling ass in the State House race in District 9.

Hunter is more conservative on social issues than most of his Detroit counterparts in Lansing. His explicit knowledge of fiscal issues is needed. More importantly, this is a young brother who is leading other young people into the political fold.

So what, Rep. Hunter decided to support Freman Hendrix for mayor. So when Mayor Kilpatrick won his re-election last November he geared up Triette Reeves to run against Tupac Hunter.

What the hell?

It's one thing to mentor but GO against your mentee on behalf of someone who never wanted Tupac in the seat to begin with sounds like a personal vendetta to me. And Rev. Reeves is in a position to educate others on not just how the political process operates from a public policy point of view but to train other young people to run and, like her husband Alondo, consult them to win. Not to mention my good sister is an awesome woman of God.

However, Tupac has my support in his bid for State Senate District 5. We are going to need young, educated Black men and women in the Senate to change Detroit and the State of Michigan around. I am confident that this brother (along with Bill McConico) can work with Dick DeVos (once DeVos get through kicking Granholm's ass out of office).

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Anonymous said...

yikes...this guy scares me.

why doesn't he understand who creates state law.. he does

quit pointing the finger and do something

he needs a civic class