Thursday, June 29, 2006

Why Hansen Clarke Is The Man by Akindele Akinyemi

The State Senate race in District 1 in Detroit is heating up.

I promose this though. I will NOT be supporting this man:

The reason? Rep. Lamar Lemmons III has a way of knowing things before it happens.

For exmaple. When Chaunci Whyche (who is a personal friend of mine) ran for State Representative in 2004 against Lamar Lemmons this guy would come into our meetings and tell us how exactly the race would go down. He would always say "I will come in first, Chaunci second and Bettie Cook Scott third." My question would be "how do you know this?" He said," I know."

That to me sounded like some strange shit that was getting ready to go down. This is not Jesus Christ or the Prophet Daniel.

The other thing is that he ran this man:

Lamar Lemmons Jr. (his father).

He also ran Lamar Lemmons (his son in 2004). Both him and his father won seats in the house.

It's a total shame when you want to trick the public. This is why this man has my total support to be re-elected in District 1.

State Senator Hansen Clarke.

For one, State Senator Hansen Clarke is a man of integrity and is independent of his own thoughts. Unlike Lemmons (either one), who is on the family and friends plan at the will of the Mayor, Clarke has always supported grassroots education, has a concrete plan to lower insurance rates in Detroit and is never caught slipping on some foolishness.

Everyone who I speak to about Sen. Clarke has nothing but good things to say about him. Not to mention he is a full supporter of the One Detroit Network and we have both spoken on the same platform in terms of education reform.

Lemmons will try to play Black due to his affiliation with the Eastside Slate but Clarke does not have to play Black. he gives back and that is all that matters.

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