Sunday, July 30, 2006

Alison and Kimberly: Two Sanctified Queens by Akindele Akinyemi

I was at the NAACP Candidate Fourm to support Alison Vaughn for State Senate and Kimberly Hill for State Representative this past Thursday at the Northwest Activity Center in Detroit.

I am convinced that these sisters were placed here on Earth for one common purpose: to serve and protect the integrity of the offices that they are seeking to be elected.

Alison Vaughn had so much support that I am conviced that this sister will not go down softly like many have predicted. She is a hard fighter and truly believes in what she preaches.

For example, when all of the candidates for the State Senate were called up to speak about their platform on education Alison's stood up and promoted educational choice. Even though she is running as a Democrat, Alison stood up against big teacher unions and stated that choice is needed for competition to make our schools better.

Meanwhile, State Senator Irma Clark-Coleman vowed to continue the fight against educational choice. In other words, she vowed to continue fighting to prmote slavery against Black children by keeping the cap on charter schools.

As senile as she is, Irma Clark-Coleman would love to keep our children on the DPS plantation.

This poster demonstrates the hatred that Irma Clark-Coleman has for educational choice. Thanks to her slavemasters in the techer unions she cannot even promote educational choices for young Black children who are suffering in factory-type school models that DPS promotes.

Kimberly Hill, on the other hand, is promoting economic development and education as well. A professor at two local area community colleges Kimberly Hill's expertise in bringing jobs in the community as well as educational reform will help brothers and sisters in District 4.

We should be supporting our sisters to make Next Detroit a reality. Voting for anyone else is detrimental to the advancement of Black people in this city.

Vote August 8, 2006 for BOTH Alison Vaughn and Kimberly Hill.

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