Friday, July 21, 2006

Another Minstrel Viewing by Akindele Akinyemi

I went to the Community Coalition's second candidate forum again last night at the Plymouth United Church of Christ.

This time it was the candidates running for 36th District Court and state representatives candidates running in the 3rd and 9th districts respectively.

I was not all that impressed overall but some tried to move me.

For instance, Ronald Giles is a brother who knows his stuff. He has been practicing law forever since Genesis 1:1. However, each time he has ran for Wayne County Circuit Court he has lost. Hopefully, he will win this time.

But he is not going anywhere if Lori Waddles have her way. I loved her presentation because she was direct, confident and straight to the point. Her singing and praising God was incredible.

Wayne County Commissioner candidtes Curtis Johnson and Maruice Turner were there. I was not impressed with either of them becuse they talked the same old Democratic rhetoric I have heard before.

The state representative race in the 3rd district is perhaps a lost cause this time around. You have to choose the lesser of two evils. Bettie Cook Scott or Carol Banks. Banks is an virtually unknown to me. She says she is in Lansing daily, working with Lamar Lemmons Jr and Lamar Lemmons III. Even though I have never seen her in Lansing I will say she knows the legislative process. Bettie Cook Scott, on the other hand, is a career campaigner. She has ran for both city council and state representative. The danger in this race boils down to name recognition and this is where Cook-Scott has the advantage. I feel sorry for those seniors in this district because from what I have seen they are going to have sloppy constituent service. Anyone who puts on their literature that they are a member of Keep The Vote No Takeover (Cook-Scoot) should be prepared to move out of the district right away.

I got a chance to meet Marvin Hicks in the 9th district. He sounds....o.k but not enough to me to switch my alliance with Shanelle Jackson (you will read about her in a separate blog). William Watkins is running on the NAACP platform like his 5th district counterpart Korey Hall. In fact, when I asked him about educational options he turned it down and talked about fixing public schools first.

What Watkins do not know is that charter schools are public schools. The other thing is by pledging his alliegance to Detroit Public Schools to get a DFT or MEA endorsement is a pledge to killing our black children and parents.

Watkins, like Hall, is pushing education down the toilet with the blind alliegance to the NAACP. So we cannot send eitehr of them to Lansing. You might as well put our childen back on the slave ships.

The next candidate forum will be Thursday, August 3, 2006 at the same place. This will be the State Senator showdown. I will bring the popcorn.

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