Thursday, July 20, 2006

Candidates Who Hate Educational Options by Akindele Akinyemi

In the State of Ohio students and parents can apply to the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program. The Ohio EdChoice Scholarship is a pilot program that will provide 14,000 state-funded scholarships to students who attend low-performing public schools. The scholarships can be used to attend private schools that meet state requirements for program participation.

How come we do not have this in Michigan? How come Gov. Granholm, who calls herself a champion of educational rights, will not give parents and educational right to choose?

It's not just Gov. Granholm but people running for state representative in various districts all across the city. Korey Hall is running against Bert Johnson for State Representative District 5. While the media are attempting to destroy Bert's image with his past they have consciously ignored Hall's position to eliminate educational choice from parents. His version of choice is sending your children to hell like DPS.

Again, with the unemployment rate rising (as usual) in Michigan, this is not the time to vote on name recognition or because you're too lazy to find the facts. We need educational choice and we should not vote for any of the following candidates that are against educational choice:

State Senate

District 2 - Sen. Martha G. Scott

District 3 - Irma Clark-Coleman

State Representative

District 2 - Rose Jones

District 3- Bettie Cook Scott

District 4 - Diane McMillian, Maureen Stapleton, Frazier Kimpson or Coleman Young Jr.

District 5 - Korey Hall

District 9 - William Watkins

These people would rather send our children to the abyss than give educational options for parents.

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