Monday, July 31, 2006

Come Home To DPS Reality by Akindele Akinyemi

I feel sorry for William Coleman. He has to deal with the animal circus at DPS.
Even in this picture he looks worried.

DPS is launching their "Come Home To DPS" campaign to try to stop the bleeding of students leaving the district. But before students can come home to DPS there are some realities that must be told.

The main reason why students will not come home to DPS is because of the conditions of the school itself. Who can learn in a classroom when plaster is falling on your heads in the room?

Crime is off the hook and has gotten worse in recent years. Many students are so afraid to go to class that they end up dropping out of school..which leads to another problem.

Dropouts. The rate for this in DPS has risen astronomically. How can we compete in a 21st century world if we have a high level of dropouts because they are afraid to go to school in fear of being shot, afraid to give it all they got or have chosen to be stupid.

Excuses. Our children make up excuses and this in part is from the parents.

Bad management. I have been saying for years it is now time to dissolve the elected school board in its current form and allow Wayne RESA to manage DPS.

Coming Home to DPS is no more than a weak ploy to keep students in a failing school system. Students should be given choices to move about instead of going to their neighborhood schools where drug use and sexual God-knows-what is present in the academic enviroment. I am for sending our children to private, charter or even across 12 mile Rd to go to school.

Keeping our children in a hellish environment is detrimental to the advancement of Black people.

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