Monday, July 10, 2006

Detroitocrats by Akindele Akinyemi

Black people are totally paranoid in this city.

I was reading this morning and the topic of discusion is Kilpatrick linked to DeVos?

If he is then I will bgin to respect this mayor a lot more.

Have these left-wing Democrats in this city forgotten how Gov. Granholm left Mayor Kilpatrick hanging during last year's mayorial election when she supported Fream Hendrix? Who the hell should Kilpatrick support.

If he has any sense he would support DeVos. The reason? The man would help bring more businesses to Detroit and Southeastern Michigan.

Kilpatrick will eventually support DeVos for his bid for governor. Then, he will eventually support the Republicans, a place where I know he will feel right at home.

They have already started a campaign called "Detroitocrats". We will see how far this goes.

My thing is this, why not just come out the closet and support Republicans?

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