Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Examples of The Culture of Death in Detroit

Look at this white guy with this sewer dweller. This is our next generation of leadership? I'd rather go to hell than rely on this. This is what we have in Detroit.

This is a prime exmaple of what I'm saying. This is the culture of death in Detroit. The one on the left is an example of a sewer rat and the one on the right is an example of gay sewer dweller. The sewer rat is very comfortable around this gay guy but not around a saved Christian man.

On the other hand, this sewer rat here would try to talk to our more conservative brothers who have a job, good credit, home of their own, own car, saved and educated. Why is that? While we loose our good looking sisters who are educated, saved and carrer oriented to thugged out hood rats we are left with this filth in Detroit. This person should be on a federal death row for allowing herself to be seen in public.

We are also left to raise someone else's child because the man left the relationship. Ridiculous.

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