Sunday, July 30, 2006

Granholm: "I won't cut education funds"

Once again, Granholm’s rhetoric can't hide from Michigan's reality.

Lansing, MI - Governor Granholm said in a recent interview with WWJ radio that, regarding a replacement for the Single Business Tax, "I am not going to sign a law that allows the cutting of public education." Saulius `Saul' Anuzis said in the following statement that the governor has supported cutting public education funds for years:

"Governor Granholm's comments that she won't sign any replacement for the jobs killing SBT that would cut education spending is misleading. Ms. Granholm has cut public education funding nearly every year since being elected governor. Michigan colleges and universities have been forced to increase tuition by more than 40% since Granholm has been in office due to over $150 million in budget cuts. Additionally, all four of Governor Granholm's budget proposals have called for the elimination of a tuition program that provides scholarships for needy students to attend college. Once again, Granholm's rhetoric can't hide from Michigan's reality."

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