Thursday, July 06, 2006

Granholm Is Falling To Hell

Ypsilanti-based manufacturer adds to list of Granholm job losses

Auto parts supplier Engineered Plastic Products announced that it intends to permanently shutdown its two Michigan plants, contributing to the company's elimination of 450 jobs. The announcement continues the trend of closings and job losses under the Granholm administration. "With the second worst economy in the nation, Michigan cannot afford to lose any more of its job makers," said Saulius `Saul' Anuzis, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. "It is almost ironic that during Granholm's latest three day trip to Japan, the governor claimed to have brought back 450 jobs. Here, in one day, the same number of jobs is being lost because of the poor business climate set forth by Governor Granholm."

The closings hit particularly hard in Shiawassee County, where 8% of the county's workforce is unemployed. For the people of Owosso Township, home to one of the plant closings, this is the third auto supplier to shut down in the past year. Justin Horvath, of the Shiawassee Chamber of Commerce said in a recent interview for WLNS, "You have to be aggressive and you cannot sit by. bring in new companies, bring in new jobs, help your existing companies grow."

Chairman Anuzis said Governor Granholm could learn from Mr. Horvath's advice. "As evidenced by Wednesday's announcement that Michigan lost a 2,000 job Honda manufacturing plant to Indiana, we see how ineffective a `wait and see' approach is to attracting and retaining jobs. We need a governor who truly will `go anywhere and do anything' to create jobs in Michigan. Empty rhetoric is not a plan that produces results."

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