Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Granholm Is Walking With The Devil

Lansing, MI – Governor Jennifer Granholm began another state hosted online petition Wednesday, asking Michigan citizens to ask the Legislature to ease restrictions on stem cell research. The new petition comes fresh off the controversy surrounding the governor’s online gas petition, where signors received unsolicited emails from the Granholm for Governor campaign. Michigan Republican Party Chairman, Saulius ‘Saul’ Anuzis issued the following statement is response:

“Jennifer Granholm’s online petitions are quickly turning into the 2006 version of the governor’s unproductive task forces of years past. Time has proven that Granholm’s leadership by task force, by press release, and now by online petition, doesn’t work for Michigan. If this issue is truly as important as the governor claims, then Granholm needs to be a leader and get something done. L. Brooks Patterson has shown that if you believe in an issue, starting a real petition can get something accomplished.”

“I wonder how long it will take for this ‘official government petition’ to find its way to the Granholm campaign offices?”


Anonymous said...

I'm no expert, but using Lil' Wayne as an example for ignorance shows your own lack of knowledge.

He's actually a student at University of Houston.

Also, I am disappointed in your constant references to some types of women as "sewer rats" and other forms of trash.

These are people's daughters and mothers. Go out and mentor. Meet some of the stereotypes you bash and walk in their shoes.

By participating in the degradation, you are doing nothing to uplift those groups. So, you are part of the problem. Get it together.

akindele akinyemi said...

whatever. I speak the truth and yes I use brutal analogies to demonstrate my point.

I'm not here to make people feel good like you want me to. I am here to present reality.

Lil" Wayne is a student at U-H...should I give him a cracker or cookie?

Some types of women as sewer rats? If the shoe fits..wear it.