Sunday, July 23, 2006

Granholm Kickoff Bust by Akindele Akinyemi

I recently went to the Granholm Kickoff celebration at her headquarters on West Grand Blvd. in Detroit.

I was not impressed.

In fact, I was very disappointed at several things.

For one, I hardly saw any young people in the Democratic Party. I guess most of them have become Republicans.

Second, I often ask myself, why are so many unions filled with old people? Where are the young people? I guess they are in the Republican Party with us.

Third, I can never understand why people like Debbie Stabenow. Here is a woman that is going to get her ass kicked by Keith Butler in the Senate race. Furthermore, I am calling on anyone that works for Stabenow to look at this woman's voting record and see if you even agree with it.

Fourth, I had a problem with Granholm's comments. She said the reason why there are economic woes in Michigan is because of President Bush. She also compared DeVos to Bush.

Fifth, why were State Senators Irma Clark-Coleman and Martha G. Scott on stage with the other federal and state legislators? Is Martha running from McConico?

What Granholm does not understand is the fact that we are young educators who cannot find a job here in our homestate. In fact, there are no jobs here in Michigan period. Has she forgot about the percentage of young families that are hauling ass right out of Michigan? What about catering to the teacher unions and not expanding educational choice? How about high taxes?

And what was this statement she made about how Democrats have led the fight for Civil Rights in this country and the Republicans have not? This was past absurd. Only uneducated Black people would agree to such lies.

If Granholm wins (and God Forbid that from happening) I would be forced to move out-of-state.

Therefore, I am fully convinced that DeVos will win this election hands down in November. So will Keith Butler.

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Chris Coatney said...

One reason for the low numbers of young people at the Granholm Kickoff celebration and the other venues you mentioned may be the longstanding Democrat support of legalized abortion.

Legalized abortion has murdered 45 million American children, 1/3 of whom have been black. For documentation, see:,,

Liberals, including the NAACP, which also supports legalized abortion, simply do not put children first. When something else becomes more important than the life of a child, we have replaced God with mammon in our hearts.

If we are nothing but animals, as Hitler and Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, believed, then it doesn't really matter. In that case, the civil rights movement is a fraud.

If, on the other hand, we are made in the image of God, as the Bible says, civil rights become very important, beginning with the right to life, the most basic civil right of all.

The Declaration of Independence says we have been given certain inalienable rights by our Creator, beginning with the right to life. This does not include the right to run from responsibility and murder your own children.