Sunday, July 30, 2006

Is Granholm A Thief or Liar?

Partnership for Progress Information….Governor Granholm set up a super secret slush fund and raised $MILLIONS$ of dollars into this fund. Now they have “closed” the fund without reporting where that money has gone.

We don’t know who gave how much and what they got in return?

We don’t know where the money went…to the Michigan Democratic Party – they say no??? To Dan Mulhern or Jennifer Granholm personally – we don’t know? To another Democratic controlled fund that will funnel money back into the Governors campaign???

This maybe go down as one of the most intriguing scandals in Michigan politics as literally millions of dollars have disappeared from the “process”….even the donors have NO idea where their funds have gone…except that they are not where they were told they were going to be.

Join us in discovering the truth. Help us get to the bottom of this. Michigan voters deserve to know. In the old days, laundering money could land you in jail???

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