Friday, July 21, 2006

Janaya Black and JaNiece Smith: The Queens of Metro Detroit by Akindele Akinyemi

In recent times, I have gotten to the point of where I am only going to deal with women that are going somewhere in life. Sisters with class, integrity, ambition and drive to meet their goals.

I believe that our women can achieve this with spiritual balance and mental focus.

However, there are a few that can accomplish all of the above.

In Nashville, there is K. Danielle Edwards, the author of Stacey Jones. She is my lifelong friend.

Here in Metro Detroit, there is Janaya Black. Always next to Janaya is her sister is JaNiece Smith. Together they are the Queens of Metro Detroit.

Everyone in our network is not political. These two are straight-to-the-point businesswomen.

If you never met our Queens of Metro Detroit then you should real soon. Like any queen in Africa, Janaya brings a real royality when it comes to writing and producing. The president and CEO of Black-Smith Enterprises, Janaya has brought what we call "country class" to the game of networking and building bridges with others who are trying to follow in her footsteps.

JaNiece brings a sparkling personality with her wealth of promoting as well as educating those in real estate. The two are incredible together and have a hypnotic but divine look that will make any brother fly right.

I met Janaya (and her ever outgoing sexy but classy sister JaNiece) at the Detroit Black Expo at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. I was impressed with her smash novel, The Breaking Point, which I told her that I would put her in the right hands to push her book. In fact, I push the book on our Network myself.

On the other hand, I was impressed with JaNiece's ability to carry herself with country class in a category of her own. I told her I coach her in speech to even make her dreams go even further.

Black-Smith Enterprises is an infrastructure that was designed to house all of her creative projects which include writing, film production, directing, book publishing, and promotions.

Speaking of film, Queen Janaya (along with her husband's company Goldline Films) are actually making films. I went to a open house to view portions of the Breaking Point on screen and I told her I needed to buy the movie right away. I loved the creativity and suspense.

Along with juggling two children, the Queen Janaya is also freelancing for the Michigan Front Page. How does she balance motherhood, wife, and business?

It's called faith and determination in God. I have never heard Janaya complain about Black people cannot do this and that. The only thing I have seen Janaya and JaNiece do is work and work hard. I never caught them slipping.

That work is beginning to pay off. The Enterprises are beginning to grow and prosper. Thanks to God.

We should continue to support our Queens on her business endeavors. Janaya has opened the doors of prosperity for those who seek it. JaNiece has opened the doors of opportunity for those who are willing to take hold of it.

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