Wednesday, July 12, 2006

K. Danielle Edwards:Pushing to a New High by Akindele Akinyemi

People think I hate myself because of three reasons:

1. I denounce Black Nationalism in its current form.

2. I am a Black Republican.

3. I speak what is on my mind about the conditions of Black people.

Naturally, you have the right to say whatever you want about me because I don't give a two cent damn anyway.

There are some Black Nationalists and parnoid Black people who continue their negative tirades against me because I will not support ghetto fiction or sexuality. Why support it when I can go outside my home and watch it live and in living color for free?

However, there are some sisters who are the total opposite of ghetto reality and who have made strides in their life, not because of affirmative action or a handout, but because they worked and sacrificed to acheive their goals.

For instance, this young sister here is Nashville's K. Danielle Edwards:

K. Danielle is one of my most trusted and divine friends to walk the Earth. Period.

If you never heard of her up here in the north then I know you are still stuck on ghetto fictions.....something that we can all see live on 7 Mile and Hoover on the city's east side.

K. Danielle Edwards is the author of Stacey Jones: Memoirs of Girl & Woman, Body & Spirit, Life & Death. The novel examines the psychological and seedy sides of untold rites of passages of girls and women all around us, in the body and persona of the title character. From repressed remembrances of incest to unabashed sex, the layers of Stacey Jones’ eroticism transfix the senses, while the plaintive honesty engages the sensibilities.

A hypnotic blend of poetry and prose, Stacey Jones blazes a literary path of forthright experimentation and wordplay, while courageously exposing the other side of the rainbow – that slice of a black girl’s life that is too often swept under the rug in favor of euphemisms and societal branding.

Why am I pumping K. Danielle from Nashville when we all live in Michigan? Because I have seen her long, hard struggles to become accomplished.

You see, when I talk to Black people in the hood here in Detroit most expect for someone to take care of them. This poor mentality trickles down to our children who in turn expect a handout just like their poor, uneducated parents. Politically, the Michigan Democrats here in this state takes advantage of our people and instead of showing our people how to become educated and self sufficient they teach them to be dependent on a larger government that will fail them.

I remember K. Danielle, over a decade ago, when she was at Tennessee State University just getting off the ground with her poetry and PUSH-N newsletters. I have seen her struggles and I have witnessed her accomplishments. Mentally deep and spiritually in-tune with the higher forces in life this sister is no joke. A wife, a mother and guide you will never catch K. Danielle slipping.

The sister is culturally in tune, spiritually accurate and mentally stable to heal those in need. Her words will heal you and her actions will motivate you.

Of course, I love talking to the queen(whenever we get a chance to connect) because our conversations (contrary to popular belief) are not political but more mental. She always give a different perspective on life and relationships that you can appreciate. Her poetry is off the hook. No one in the Motor City can match her poetic justice.

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