Thursday, July 06, 2006

Kimberly Hill: A Divine Child of God by Akindele Akinyemi

Kimberly Hill is the smoking gun in the race for State Representative in District 4.

She has gained so much ground in key areas of the district that she is being attacked by virtually every opponent in the race.

Why would Kimberly be attacked by her opponets?

Because her faith in Jesus Christ is so immense that she is not afraid of virtually nothing.

Her campaign is like a Christian ministry. In fact, people have begun to fast for victory because God has ordained her campaign.

A woman of full integrity and heart Kimberly is not just only talking to her constitutents about economic development and quality of life but she is actually healing those in need.

For instance, Kimberly prayed with a senior citizen who had back troubles. After the prayer the woman told us that she would gather her entire family in the neighborhood to rally behind Kimberly Hill.

Two other senior citizens invited Ms. Hill in their home to discuss home improvement. She even gave a forecast on improving education to single mothers who live in the district.

Ms. Hill, to me, is a divine child. God has ordained her in this race to win.

While people are focusing on Coleman Young Jr., Frazier Kimpson, Maureen Stapeton and Diane McMillian to win God has already showed up who will win in this race.

His servant here on Earth, Kimberly Hill.

So when you go to the voting booth on August 8, 2006 we must come through by supporting our divine child..Kimberly Hill.

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