Sunday, July 16, 2006

Kimberly Hill: The Healer, The Maker, The Living Example of the Holy Spirit by Akindele Akinyemi

Kimberly Hill is healing people in her district as usual. This is what happens when you have the power of God in your corner.

There are so many people that have pledged their support for Kimberly in the upcoming August 8 primary. At stake, a seat in the Michigan House of Representatives in District 4.

Some haters have brushed off as Kimberly as a person placing a wedge between Maureen Stapleton and Coleman A. Young Jr. This is so far from the truth. The devil is at work.

Haters are afraid of what Kimberly may bring to the district. I think it's called integrity.

We walked on behalf of Ms. Hill in one area recently. Some voters told us they are highly impressed with Ms. Hill's solutions to increasing high property taxes in the area. One voter I met is the television producer for Word of Faith Television Ministries. She fell in love with Kimberly and will have both her and her husband vote for her.

So many young people are also falling in love with Kimberly. Her warm spirit and devesating charm has brothers spinning. Sisters are gravitating towards her because she is walking with the Holy Spirit.

A young man told me that no one impressed him but Kimberly because of her loving commitment for God.

I strongly believe this is the year of the Hill when it comes to believers. We have so many believers that are going to stomp for Kimberly. Jesus Christ is wonderful and we thank Him for sending his angel here in District 4.

Kimberly Hill.

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