Sunday, July 09, 2006

Kimberly Hill: A Saved Woman Saving People by Akindele Akinyemi

Kimberly Hill has done it again.

This morning, Kimberly Hill spoke at Second Ebenezer Baptist Church in front of thousands of people.

A instant hit, Kimberly spoke on not just her platform but how God has been moving in her life and her accelerated support through the faith-based community. She later spoke at Immanuel Baptist Church on East Grand Blvd and shared her experiences with te congregation. Not only the congregation was impressed with Ms. Hill explicit ability to discuss faith and platform but even Bishop T.L. Johnson stood up from the pulpit and based his sermon around Kimberly Hill's mission from God.

To win this primary election on August 8, 2006.

Ms. Hill's recent surge in several precincts in the State Race for the House of Representatives in District 4 has now placed her in a excellent position of winning. Ms. Hill's campaign is not politically driven but God driven.

While people are placing their faith in someone who is only running on name recognition such as Coleman Young Jr., Free Press Endorsee Maureen Stapleton, Diane McMillian or even Frazier Kimpson Kimberly Hill is the smoking gun in District 4.

People are rushing to get on the Kimberly Hill Express? Why have people began to surge to Ms. Hill? Kimberly's smile as well as her powerful testimonies on how she has been helping people in the community alone is enough for voters to warm up to her.

One of her focus is to bridge the gap between state government and all units of government.

What makes Kimberly Hill qualified over the rest of the candidates in this race?

Her extensive legislative experience for nearly a decade.

Proven track record of getting the job done.

Keep your eyes on Staples on East Jefferson and Joseph Campau that is being built. You can thank Kimberly Hill for not just having that office store being built in Detroit but also bringing in 40 jobs to the district that will also exercise the employes rights to have stock options while working at Staples.

Many of the seniors that we have spoken with are not supporting any other candidates in the race but Kimberly Hill. We have been walking in the district's most impoverished neighborhoods and all have pledged their support for Kimberly. She has been speaking to neighbors about neighborhood improvement for seniors as well as determining how the lottery money is spent in education.

Lastly, Kimberly Hill has gone in homes, businesses and neighborhoods all across the district that the others forgot. She is following the example of Jesus Christ here on Earth. We need more saved people in office to better serve the district.

That saved person is Kimberly Hill for State Representative District 4.

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