Monday, July 10, 2006

Kimberly Hill: A Woman of Her Word by Akindele Akinyemi

Jesus Christ has already declared Kimberly Hill as the victor in this year's State Representative race in District 4.

As believers, we are tapping into the energy and blessings of Jesus Christ. Christ has already given us a great blessing that many will call an upset special on election day on August 8, 2006.

Kimberly Hill for State Representative.

We have every sense that Christ have already carried us to victory because he is a awesome God. A God that has never left people in the dark.

Kimberly Hill is not just leading people to Christ but also leading her faithful constituents to victory by way of opening jobs to the District and placing seniors in low-income housing.

Where does that lead people like Coleman A Young Jr.?

What would be good for Mr. Young is to follow the example of Jesus Christ through HIS servant Kimberly Hill in terms of living a fulfilled Christ-like lifestyle. Unlike Ms. Hill, who studies her Word daily, Coleman Young lives off lies and deception.

For example, why would Coleman Young Jr. put down on his literature that the Labor Alliance endorsed him? Or State Rep. Mary Waters? Or cuss out the UAW?

Is this Christ-like? Is this what we need in Lansing?

Mr. Young, come join us as a body of Christ with Ms. Hill. We can train you and prepare you in 2012.

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