Friday, July 07, 2006

Korey Hall: The NAACP Secret Weapon by Akindele Akinyemi

I am going to say this again and again until he is elected on August 8, 2006.

Bert Johnson is my candidate in the State House District 5 races.

Never mind he worked for State Rep. Bill McConico.

Never mind he was in prison for armed robbery.

Never mind the fact he has made mistakes.

I would send Korey Hall to Lansing if the man could ONLY articulate his position on education better. He sounds like one of those fools from the teacher unions who want to save Detroit Public Schools.

I'm death on this educational issue because it is serious. For those who want to save the Detroit Public Schools good luck.

If you left it to me I would send everyone packing.

The reality is we cannot save Detroit Public Schools. Government-funded schools have failed consistently and repeatedly for the past 30 years. This is long before charter schools stepped on the scene.

Some have personally asked me to create solutions for DPS. Here are three:

1. Raise the cap on charter schools to create competition. This would help DPS get their act together.

2. Regionalize the school district and school system.

3. Shrink the district down by 60% to balance the budget.

I have given many solutions to this issue in the past and people think it is too extreme. They believe in their teacher unions. This is the 800 pound gorilla that is executing our children from a sound academic environment. If you think I'm lying about this what about the recent threats of striking before the school year starts in DPS? Mr. Hall believes in teacher unions like DFT and MEA. They are the same ones that are blocking us from advancing in our careers as educators through their redtape and foolishness.

Whoever said I was passive on this issue of education is nuts. In fact, I have not supported any candidate in these races if they did not support educational options to begin with.

Not one. Including Hall.

I have also said in the past that Korey Hall's platform sounds too much like the NAACP. One person who I spoke with last night stated that this is a good thing. If this is true then why do the NAACP continue to support teacher unions that kill our children academically AND ignore the fact that poll after poll over 60% of BLACK parents ANYWHERE in this country want more educational fact in some areas that number is high as 75%!!!!

Have the NAACP closed their eyes on the fact that even SOME of their own children attend charter schools, private and bording schools? So why should we support a candidate who is against educational options, yet if Hall had to make a decision to send his children to a better charter school vs. the mediocre DPS school he would send his children to the better charter school. Why? Because he is a father first and husband second.

As I explained to Korey Hall long ago, the problem with expanding charter schools is not the problem like they have trained you at the NAACP. The problem is the management company that OPERATES the charter school. Yes, you have bad management companies and you have good management companies. He resopnded with you have bad DPS schools and good DPS schools.

My repsonse to that was this: Why do we have to take a test to get inside the good DPS schools? You do not have to take a test to get inside charter schools. Test taking to get into DPS schools are a form of legalized segregation.

Some claim that Hall's position as a public policy director at the Detroit Branch NAACP will help him understand legislative issues. You mean legislative issues from a NAACP perspective or from a constituent perspective? I'm not even confident that he can negotiate with Republican legislators.

Last night at the Community Coalition's Candidate Fourm event Hall pointed out that he led the fight on Proposal E (everyone claims they led the fight on this ridiculous initiative). First, that proposal was doomed from the start. Second, here is a man that is against charter schools. Not one time he thought about people like us who works in charters, receive less pay and produce all-star students. Third, he was on the transition team for DPS. The final result of DPS in 2006?


Korey Hall has a great future ahead in the evil world of politics. My recommendation to Korey Hall:

1. Design your own path without being a mouthpiece for the NAACP.

2. Understand why educational options are needed in our community.

3. Use your vision to guide others critically. Just because you are a Democrat does not mean you have to act like one!!!!!

But for the time being, wait your turn to win the state house seat in 2012 because Bert Johnson got this one.

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