Thursday, July 27, 2006

Let's Bring Karen Dumas Back To Reality by Akindele Akinyemi

There are some in this city that will defend it to the very end.

I will give credit where credit is due. Karen Dumas is a trooper when it comes to defending Detroit and Mayor Kilpatrick.

I guess if I lived in Indian Village like her I would defend Detroit as well. But I don't. I live in this part of town.

You got it...New Jack City.

If you ever read her great articles in the Michigan Chronicle and listen to her sometimes on the Art Blackwell show on 107.5 FM she always puts a positive spin on Detroit and tries her damnest to let young people know that they do not have to retreat into the suburbs.

However, reality must settle in and this what I about to show you is reality.

How many times have you seen this in your hood? Fiend: There's one in every family.

I KNOW you know someone who got stuck up for his change in the city.

I have heard in the past how Ms. Dumas would explain to young people that they can meet singles at Floods Bar and Grill in Downtown Detroit. Do our sisters want to meet hood types?

Do our brothers want to meet these type of hoodrats and sewer rats pulling guns on them?

In fact let's bring it home.

If Detroit is such a great place to live explain this to me:

The median household income in this city is$29,526. That means 1 out of 3 people you meet (male or female) lives off Ramen Noodles. Most are on welfare and this is the reason why the Democratic Party has a lock in Detroit.

69.6% of the total population only have a high school diploma. ONLY 11.0% have a bachelors degree. Less than 4.2% have a graduate degree. 30% have no education at all. This leaves me in bind all together. If I wanted to settle down with a sister I would have to leave town in the first place.

Unemployment is at 14% in Detroit. That means you have no education, broke and unemployed. Why would I want to stay here in this death trap Karen? To help re-populate the city?

The mean travel time to work is 28.4 minutes. That is the distance from Detroit to Novi. So why are we still living in Detroit?

43.6% of the people here have never been married. 13% of the people are divorced. 31.2% are married. How can you build solid relationships in this city?

I appreciate the things Karen has done for our city and I hope she keeps up the good work. However, I must view things from a realistic point of view and living in this rat-hole is a reality check for me and those fleeing the city.

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