Friday, July 07, 2006

A Minstrel Showing by Akindele Akinyemi

I attended the Community Coalition's Candidate Forum at the Plymouth Church of Christ in Detroit last night. Anything hosted by Mildred Gaddis is bound to be ghetto.

I was right.

What a group of piss-poor candidates running for office. I was not impressed with either incumbent Bernard Parker or Daryl Redmond for Wayne County Commissioner District 2. Bernard is a well known crook (according to his Timbuktu Academy family) and he might be doing the same thing as Commissioner Jewell Ware when it comes to the absentee ballots: filling them in on behalf of senior citizens in the district.

In District 3 of the Wayne County Commission races were incumbent Moe Blackwell and Robert Davis. It sounded like the same liberal foolishness I hear every two years. I was not impressed and if Robert Davis want my support he need to step away from that Highland Park School Board and jump on board with us to try to raise the cap on charter schools.

They also had the State House District 4 candidates. However, they did not call One Detroit's Kimberly Hill to the table. And why did this woman:

Maureen Stapleton, receive a Detroit Free Press endorsement (the Free Press SKIPPED over Kimberly Hill, a woman who is bringing STAPLES to DETROIT) when this woman SHOULD be running for County Commissioner herself? Oh I forgot, she is Jewell Ware's friend!!!!!

This woman was totally shallow in her presentation.

Frazier Kimpson and Coleman Young Jr. got into it last night. Frazier claimed that Coleman never lived in the district and Coleman revealed to the audience that Kimpson lived in Woodbridge Estates (outside the district). Young Jr. is SO trifling and so immature. He even stated that he would do away with property taxes and replace them with a cigarette tax.

ALL three of them are in for a rude awakening come Sunday at Second Baptist Church when Kimberly Hill rolls their behinds back into those caves they came from.

From the State House District 5 races we had Wendell Byrd, Bert Johnson and Korey Hall. Actually, they were the intelligent ones on the panel. Wendell has a clear focus on how government operates but I have interviewed him before and he is not for educational options so he needs to go home.

Korey Hall is running on a NAACP platform thanks to his bosses Wendell Anthony and Heaster Wheeler. Proof of this is Brandon Jessup and Donnel White were both OUTSIDE campaigning on his behalf. Hall, Jessup and White are ALL part of the NAACP. Hmm...I thought the NAACP did not get involved in partisan politics!!!!!

Hall does not believe in educational options (other than Detroit Public Schools) and he cannot ever get my support until he divorces himself from the NAACP version of education.

Bert Johnson was the most impressive out of the bunch. You can tell he has legislative experience and is real focus on his mission. His family is very nice and supportive. He is my candidiate in District 5.

Others who were there were Diane McMillian and Sharon King(who is running against Kimberly Hill in District 4), Carol Banks (who is running against Bettir Cook Scott in District 3), and Ramon J. Patrick (a YOUNG Black Republican running against Robert Ficano for Wayne County Executive).

The event was ghetto fabulous and we had a special guest from Agnes Hitchcock from Call em Stupid and Marie Thornton from the dysfunctional Detroit School Board.

I will be in attendance Sunday at the Second Baptist Church located Downtown at 5:30pm watching my girl, Kimberly Hill, opening a can of whup ass on her opponents.


Anonymous said...

Why are you, a self-professed Republican, all on Bert Johnson's jock??? Maybe you should tell your boy to start telling the WHOLE truth about his armed robbery job instead of half-truths.

akindele akinyemi said...

on bert's jock? I can tell how much education you have and I know who is sending you to this blogspot.

Armed robbery? I will take a man who tell the truth openly over someone who is a outhpiece for the NAACP.

Anonymous said...

At least I can spell! And yes I said jock! And you prefer a man who held a gun on someone else for chump change! Then you're a bigger fool than I thought!