Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mr. A's Endorsements for Detroit

The following have my official endorsement(s): Bold means person will win outright.


Dick DeVos

The reason: Jobs and education. Something that Granholm cannot produce.

US Senate (upset special):

Keith Butler

U.S. Congress:

Thaddeus McCotter (11th District)

Chad Miles (14th District)

The reason: Mr. Miles has an excellent political future ahead of him.

State Senate

District 1 - Hansen Clarke

The reason: Integrity and can be very strategic in crafting bills.

District 2 - Bill McConico

The reason: He will carry on what Martha Scott has left off. However, this race is going to be so tight that Bill will get in by 2% and that's it. Marths Scott have the senior citizens on lock but Bill will squeeze through.

District 3 - No endorsement

The reason: There is no way in living hell I'm supporting Irma Clark Coleman.

District 4 - Buzz Thomas

The reason: Excellent legislator who is the only one that can beat Congressman John Conyers in a Congressional race.

District 5 - Tupac Hunter

The reason: Triette Reeves should not be in this race to please the Mayor and Derrick Hale is bored.

State Representatives

District 1- Ed Gaffney

The reason: We need a Republican legislator from Detroit.

District 2 - No endorsement

The reason: There is not one person who I care for in this seat. Give it to dog catcher.

District 3 - No endorsement

The reason: I'd rather send a goat to Lansing than Bettie Cook Scott.

District 4 (upset special) - Kimberly Hill

The reason: The most intelligent woman in this race . People think Coleman A Young and Maureen Stapleton will be ahead in this race but Ms. Hill is not running a campaign to win she is running a Christian ministry. HShe has already brought jobs to the district.

District 5 - Bert Johnson

The reason: Has been working on legislation in the district for 6 years already. Korey hall's NAACP platform will hurt him.

District 7- Virgil Smith III

The reason: He is not running against anyone. Setting up Dr. Carol Weaver in 2008.

District 8 - No endorsement

The reason: Stallworth or Cushingberry, neither are appealing to me.

District 9 - Shanelle Jackson

The reason:

The precinct-a-day lady will squeak in over Anthony Bradford by 2%.

District 10 - Stephanie Young

The reason: I have never been confident in Gabe Leland but I do not think Stephanie Young can garner enough votes to beat him. I hope so.

Even though

District 11 - No endorsement.

The reason: No one is appealing to me in this race.

District 12 - Steve Tobocman

The reason: I will vote for a dog or cat over Otis Mathis.

Wayne County Executive:

Ramon J. Patrick

Wayne County Commission:

District 1 - No endorsement

District 2 - Darryl Redmond

District 3 - No endorsement

District 4 - Lanell Buffington

District 5 - Ilona Varga

District 6 - No endorsement

District 7 - Torion Bridges

District 8 - Alisha Bell

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