Monday, July 10, 2006

Nataki Harbin Is Protected

This whole Adolph Hitler advertisement has opened up a pandora's box and may cause some unwanted attention on Adolph Mongo's stepdaughter who he's using as the front for his shennanigans. Some of the local media are now looking into her background...Stay tuned.


I would like to caution those who is trying to attack Nataki Harbin. She is part of our One Detroit family and I certain do not want to wage a serious war with those who are trying to damage her career or harm her image.

Unlike some who choose to endorse Bettie Cook Scott (who is bi-polar in my opinion) for state representative or support Rose Jones (who cannot intelligently articulate her position on education) Nataki Harbin is a woman of high class, integrity and personality. I have never caught her slipping and I even told her that is would have been more exciting to see both her an James Heath run for state representative (without George Cushingberry Jr.).

So if you try to attack our sister I feel for you.

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