Friday, July 07, 2006

Nataki Harbin: A Voice of the Vote by Akindele Akinyemi

This one is for the ages!!!! One Detroit is NOT the only network out here revelaing the facts about the Democratic Party.

This PAC is called Voice the Vote and is led by my good friend, Nataki Harbin. If you do not know Nataki Harbin she ran against George Cushingberry Jr. for State Representative in 2004.

Originally an engineeer (and actually has a Masters in Engineering) she is currently a political consultant for Mongo & Associates in Detroit.

I have been saying all along that Granholm is finished and she should stop running to keep her seat because she has ran out of gas. This ad also highlights what I have been saying about the Democratic Party since day one.

Ask yourself, what has Granholm done for Detroit? While paranoid Black grassroot people will continue to stay on the Democratic plantation young Black conservatives will continue to move away from slavery and execute freedom.

And now let's take a look at what Tina Abbott from the Michigan Democratic Party is woofing about:

"I am shocked and outraged that any group would make such slanderous and offensive attacks on any party. It is despicable and unbelievable that they actually compare Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and Lyndon Johnson to Adolph Hitler. This is not politics; it is fear mongering and race-baiting of the worst kind. Who is behind the Voice the Vote PAC? They are cowards who do not have the courage to engage in civil debate."

Sorry Tina, but I am in agreement with Voice the Vote on this one. Bill Clinton allowed genocide in Rwanda, Jimmy Carter led the economy to hell in the late 70s and LBJ called Black people niggers on a consistent basis. It was LBJ who led-so called welfare reform that has traicked down to our generation today.

Ms. Abbott continues to say:

"The Democratic Party has been and continues to be the party of inclusion and has helped this country achieve monumental victories within the civil rights movement and continues to work to protect those rights by renewing the Voting Rights Act."

If this is the case then how come our precious governor will not raise the cap on charter schools? Our children are being wiped out academically by government-ran schools.

She continues to woof about:

"Lyndon Johnson personally drove the Voting and Civil Rights Acts through Congress. As a result of the acts, which eliminated discriminatory practices such as poll taxes and literacy tests, millions of minority voters have been guaranteed the franchise, and the number of African-American elected officials nationwide increased from less than 300 before the Act's passage to over 9,000 today."

What she left out was the fact that it were Republicans who helped passed this bill. The Democrats did not even vote for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 including Klansman Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia and Al Gore Sr. of Tennessee.

She continues her tirade:

"As both Governor of Georgia and President of the United States, Jimmy Carter appointed record numbers of women and African-Americans to judgeships and government offices, opening the door for generations of young black men and women to look to a career in public service."

Our economy went straight to hell under Carter's leadership. In fact, his foreign policy was so piss-poor that it took voters to send his ass back to the plantation.

She later says:

"And it was Bill Clinton who proposed and fought for the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, to strengthen the Justice Department's ability to prosecute hate crimes committed because of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or disability."

Again Bill Clinton allowed BLACK people to die on his watch in Rwanda. Did Ms. Abbott forget about the atrocities that occurred in Kilgali? Clinton was also pushing a homosexual agenda politically, slammed educational options and raised taxes. How can this help Black people Ms. Abbott?

She concludes:

"To say that these three men did nothing more than offer lip service to the African-American community is not just re-writing history, but is flat-out lying. Voice the Vote should be ashamed of themselves, and consider brushing up on their history."

I am PROUD of Nataki Harbin and her Voice the Vote PAC. I have Ms. Harbin's total and full support in uncovering the demons in the Democratic party.

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Chris Coatney said...

Besides all of the above, Democrats have championed the extermination of 45 million unborn U.S. children, 1/3, or 15 million, of whom have been black. This was part of Margaret Sanger's plan.

Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, had the same beliefs as Hitler. She wanted to exterminate ethnic groups that she thought were inferior. She developed the Negro Project in the 1930s to introduce birth control and abortion into the black community to exterminate blacks.

She said the best way to reach the Negro was through a religious appeal. The plan was to enlist religious leaders to promote the cause so no one would suspect the motive was to eliminate blacks.

Documentation for the above can be found at,, and

The Democrats have also resisted efforts to enable poor parents to send their children to Christian schools, where they can be taught the truth about human origins, that we came from Adam and Eve, and not monkeys.

The Bible, which provides the only true basis for equality, is not a fairy tale. Instead of the Bible, public school students are taught the unscientific theory of evolution, which reinforces feelings of inferiority and/or superiority, whichever the case may be. For details, see,, or