Sunday, July 09, 2006

New Blood On The Campaign Circuit by Akindele Akinyemi

Today, I went to the Second Baptist Church candidate forum in Downtown Detroit.

Personally, I cannot stand going to candidate forums, however, since I am in Kimberly Hill's corner for State Representative in the 4th District I will follow this sanctified woman of God anywhere.

Speaking of the 4th District Maureen Stapleton was there also.

I will tell you the truth. Where the hell was Maureen Stapleton during the City Council elections last year? She would make a great Detroit City Councilwoman. She would also make a super Wayne County Commissioner. Instead of running against Kimberly Hill she should run against Jewell Ware.

However, I am not confident in her ability to negotiate with young Republicans in Lansing. I'm not sure how old Ms. Stapleton is but the times I have been in Lansing there are mostly young white Republicans who are in power. Even though she said she would work with people on both sides of the aisle I know how Black people think here in Detroit and especially Black politicians in the Democratic Party. They do not want to work with young white Republicans (and in some cases young or old Black Republicans in Lansing as well).

However, Ms. Stapleton's platform was overshadowed by Kimberly Hill's solution based platofrm that is designed to increase funds for senior citizen home improvements, economic development and relationship building with state and federal legislators.

Also, at the forum was State Senator Martha G. Scott. I will give Scott credit for fighting on lowering insurance rates for Detroiters. However, her liberal stance on education is frightening.

Besides from State Rep. Bill McConico challenging Sen. Scott for the 2nd Senate District is a newcomer names Ernest Madison. Mr. Madison is also running for the 2nd State Senate seat. A longshot to the seat I enjoyed his thinking because it was different. I thought he was a closet Republican but he said he was a Democrat.

Two things that stood out about Mr. Madison's platform that I thought was interesting. He said eliminate the Michigan Senate and create a One House Chamber and rediret those funds to education. Unfortunately, Mr. Madison has fallen into the hype of educational funding will make our schols better when in reality we need better educational quality through committed educators that will make our education system run a lot smoother.

The other thing that stood out was stopping auto insurance price discrimination (instead of redlining).

There is another newcomer named James D. Davis who is running for the State Senate Seat in District 4 against One Detroit's Buzz Thomas. Mr. Davis, who do not stand a chance in hell against beating Buzz Thomas, brought some of his expertise on redesigning the tax system in Michigan. He is pushing for a debt free defecit free social security pension system as well as implementing a public school integrated technology system at zero cost.

I thought his presentation was good. Hopefully, people will come out and vote for both Mr. Madison and Mr. Davis as an alternative to the regular names in the race.

Of course, Rev. Daryl Redmond was there to give his platform. He is running for Wayne County Commissioner District 2 aganst Bernard Parker. I wonder if Rev. Redmond is a conservative who is running on a Democratic platform because of what he stands for. Things like cutting the project defecit, cuting unnecessary spending by evaluating programs and other things that are too numerous to name.

More importantly, we need a man of faith in office. This is why Mr. Redmond has my support. We need to get that fool Parker out of office.

I also spoke with Monifa Kenyatta, who is currently the Wayne County Commissioner in District 7. She is running against State Sen. Burton Leland. She is a hard worker and personally, I just believe it's time for Burton Leland to give it up and begin to craft younger people in office (such as his protege Anthony Bradford or Jim Edmondson) for Wayne County Commissioner. Bradford would have been a better choice for Wayne County Commissioner than Leland.

One older brother who spoke with Ms. Hill and I was talking about his experences as a Democrat in Detroit. After he continued his unnecessary tirade against people like Bishop Butler (who he claimed could not win in a Senate election) and blaiming President Bush for not having jobs in Michigan (of course this fool never researched how many jobs have left under his precious Gov. Granholm's watch). Which bring me to this young brother named Ramon J. Patrick.

Mr. Patrick is running for Wayne County Executive. He is a young Black Republican (like me) and even though he does not stand a chance in beating Ficano in the general election I love the fact that more young Black Republicans are running for office in Michigan. Whether it's precinct delegate as a Republican (like me) or Mr. Patrick we are making a statement in the next level of politics in Michigan.

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